carboys / equipment / kits for sale (san francisco)

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Jul 7, 2020
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hey all, just found this forum so crossposting a few items i just put on craigslist...

various carboys -- $5-15 by size -- carboys for beer brewing - general for sale - by owner
extract kits -- $10/ea -- 5gal homebrew beer kits - antiques - by owner - collectibles sale
intro equipment kit -- $20 -- beer brewing kit - general for sale - by owner
"fast rack" bottle drying system -- $10 -- "fast rack" bottle drying - arts & crafts - by owner - sale
empty bottles -- FREE -- beer bottles - general for sale - by owner

don't drive, and shipping at these prices wouldn't make sense, so would need to be picked up in SF mission bay / SoMa. prices are negotiable, i'm moving way and wanna pass on the hobby, instead of anything ending up in the dump.