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Jan 3, 2012
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Los Angeles
Still looking to sell my trusty Zymatic ($1000, does not include shipping...originally posted for $1200)...mid 2020 I upgraded to a larger size home-brew system. This machine has worked great for me with no errors throughout the life of the machine. Purchased in late 2016 for ~$2k (current model is ~$2500) and have brewed on it 30ish times. Comes with all original accessories (listed below).

I am located in Northern VA just outside of DC. PM if interested. I can send photos if interested. Cheers!
  • Zymatic brewing machine
  • 5G Keg, with cut dip-tube & keg seal
  • 6' power cord
  • USB cable
  • Diptube cleaning brush
  • Transfer tube
  • IN hose (gray ball lock)
  • OUT hose (black ball lock)
  • Step filter lid
  • 2 mash screens (1 large and 1 small)
  • 4 hop cages and lids
  • Adjunct compartment
  • Adjunct screen
  • Step filter
  • Foam trap (with spindle and washer)
  • 2 cleaning tubes
  • Hose wrench
  • Keg cozy
  • Air lock