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  1. W

    Tennessee Spike CF5 and SS Brewtech Conicals For Sale

    I have two conicals for sale in the Nashville, TN area. The first conical is a Spike CF5 Conical and the second is a SS Brewtech 7 Gallon. Both are in great condition and function like new. Spike CF5 Conical - $500 OBO Included Accessories: TC100 Temperature Control System, Carb Stone, Gas...
  2. W

    Grainfather for sale - NOVA/DC

    As much as I hate to do it I am going to part with a fairly new Grainfather Connect. I only had a couple brews on it before I moved into a place that doesn't support 5 gallon batches anymore. So sadly I need to part ways with it. Comes with the insulating jacket, the counter flow chiller and...
  3. M

    Texas 30A Brewery Control Panel - $1500

    I'm selling a brewery control panel that I've been building over the last year. I'm close to completing the build but just ran out of time before a personal move is forcing me to sell it. It's mostly functional and I know someone with electrical savvy will be able to finish it off with minimal...
  4. V

    Swiss Flow Meters (3)

    I have 3 unopened swiss flow meters for sale. Selling the lot for $150 with free shipping or individually for $60 each, free shipping. Heres the link to the product they cost $60 new + $20 shipping if bought direct from Swiss Flow. http://www.swissflow.com/sf800.html
  5. Braumeise

    Pennsylvania PA/NJ Blichmann Burner for sale

    Selling my Blichmann burner since I had to go electric. It's the model before they named it "Hellfire" - was $ 150.00 when I bought it - has a different layout of the holes. (see pictures) Used for exactly 11 brews. No boil over. Was stored inside but still lost the silver appearance (see...
  6. mtbr_brewer

    Nebraska Keggle Boil Kettle (Electric) and Mash Tun (Free shipping to: IA, IL, NE, MN, ND, SD, & WI)

    Recently upgraded to Spike kettles and am selling the keggles I originally built for my E-HERMS. All the keggles have been polished and are in great leak-free shape. Boil Kettle ( Reduced to $275! ) Polished 15.5 Gallon Keggle 4500 Watt ULWD Element w/ 6 foot cord and L6-30P Hop Stopper 2.0...
  7. StagsHead

    Florida 10gal Electric HERMS System and Two 1/2 Barrel Fermenters w/ Glycol Compressor, Tampa FL

    Hi all, I am downsizing quite a bit, so I am selling my whole system to make room for other life commitments. Here are the details on my system: 3 Vessel HERMS System with 30amp Control Panel Kegs were polished and fitted with weldless fittings (kegs obtained legally; not by deposit). 5500w...
  8. S

    Maine Fully Equipped 10 Gal Blichmann v1 Brew Pots for Sale (Electric)

    Up for sale is a set of (3) Blichmann BoilerMaker 10 Gallon V1 pots set up for a standard 3-vessel Electric HERMS system based on The Electric Brewery. Capable of brewing 3-7 gallons of beer per batch. This sale includes all three kettles fully equipped and ready to brew with ball valves, temp...
  9. Wolfenator

    New York BrewPi, Heater & Fridge (Arduino based) Saratoga Springs, NY

    Built a DIY Glycol chiller and no longer require my BrewPi or supporting fermentation chamber parts. BrewPi will keep your fermentation temperature in a tolerance of a tenth of a degree. You can also set it and forget it. Pre-program your entire fermentation! This is an excellent way to...
  10. L

    Massachusetts FS: SS Brewtech Brite Tank 10 Gallon - will ship

    I have a 10 gallon SS Brewtech Brite Tank for sale. Only 3 months old and hardly used. It's an awesome vessel that's worked perfectly. Doesn't have any issues, just need a bigger one so I'm selling this. Has a few small surface scratches (see pics). Works great. Have the original box and manual...
  11. 6D44F9BC-C718-4293-A76D-123FAB6DE2DA


    Fermenter and wort cooler, 6 lb malt, honey sugar ect
  12. 883AF508-A21E-40CA-9ECD-D0D1AF650BFA


    Homebrew equipment also have 2 30 lb propane tanks , no burners, everything must go
  13. 38D69C94-56B8-4E0B-8E82-F2F5FBEC0DAB


    Car boys and fermenters
  14. F4ABF94D-57D4-462D-8301-0B20B7E6E2E1


    Valves and fittings
  15. 519FC064-F090-4129-88F6-A214FA8A477B


    Filter set up for kegs
  16. 7A160C59-B699-4EFE-8348-44001FB0A64A


    Corny keg, kettles, valves ect
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  19. atb060362

    Wisconsin Complete Electric Home Brewery Setup

    I recently moved and my new house doesn't have the best setup for my home brewery, and can see it being several years before I would be back up and running after finishing the basement. Therefore, I have decided to sell my electric home brewery. If you have any questions let me know. I have lots...
  20. T

    Full system for sale

    I have an all grain system for sale. It’s been gently used, but I now have two children and not nearly the time to brew anymore. I live in Modesto, California, but travel for work throughout Northern California. The kit consists of: More beer igloo cooler mashtun and HLT. More beer imersion...