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  1. thisissami

    Has anybody ever made "mead" with raw cane sugar?

    I'm thinking about giving it a try. Replacing the honey with raw cane sugar. I really like the taste of that stuff when dissolved in water, and I bet it'd make a really yummy fermented drink!! Is there any reason that I'm oblivious to that I shouldn't even bother trying this? I added a raw...
  2. Lucille's Daddy

    Catalyst Fermentation System

    Just finished my first brew in this thing. Here's the review: Cons: -When assembling the unit, one of the screws stripped the threads off of the stand without much pressure applied to it. Stand doesn't seem very sturdy at all. I actually had to surround the fermenter in a corner, with full...
  3. T

    This looks weird!

    I am wondering what you think of the growth on the right? How does this look? What is it?? I'm new to kombucha and super excited to be part of this community.
  4. jmpreiks

    Nice Mini Fridge for Fermentation on Sale

    Just a heads up that the 4.3 cuft Whirlpool mini fridge (WH43RS2E) at Lowe's is on sale for $130 right now. Regularly $200. https://m.lowes.com/pd/Whirlpool-4-3-cu-ft-Counter-Depth-Freestanding-Compact-Refrigerator-black-stainless-steel-ENERGY-STAR/1000319705 It doesn't have a freezer so it is...
  5. thisissami

    Leaving container covered with solely a towel for first bit of cider fermentation?

    Hi All - I read an article recently where the author said that he likes to cover his cider bucket with a towel for the first couple days of fermentation, as letting air get in helps the yeast strengthen in the beginning of the process. After this, he switches to the standard airlock system as...
  6. A

    Fermentation Temp

    Good Day All, I am preparing to brew my first batch of beer, I live around Vancouver BC, and the temperature in my garage while brewing and fermenting is going to be about 10C or 50F in the day, dipping down to around 5C or 40F at night. I will be fermenting into an SS Brewtech Unitank with...
  7. mr_stout

    Mead bottles under pressure!

    After 3.5 months I bottled mead because it was at 1.000 F.G. I opened one flip top bottle and it foamed up like crazy. Why? after 3 1/2 months would it still be fermenting?
  8. M

    Yeast taste if left too long?

    I am a new brewer and decided to jump all in. I added 2 prehopped cans of Pils & 1 cup of dex to grow on for 5gal batch. I racked to primary this morning with a plan of having it there for 1 week then into the secondary for 4 to 5. I just got a call from work and i am to leave for Georgia...
  9. lebshiff21

    Belgian yeasts and plastic

    I've searched the forums and haven't found anything directly related to this question... I was just on Russian River Brewing Co.'s website and noticed this blurb about how they got started brewing Belgian style ales: I bolded the part that piqued my interest. Is he inferring that the...
  10. M

    Calculating total gas produced in fermentation

    Hi, I'm trying to answer 2 questions: - how much gas will be produced during fermentation - what would the pressure be in a 5g corny if used as primary fermenter will NO VENTING I tried to calculate this, but the number is absurdly low. What did I do wrong? CALCULATION: -- Assume...