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  1. bafinaire

    Is My Beer Ready For Secondary Fermentation?

    Hello everyone! I’m on my first attempt at brewing using the Northern Brewer deluxe starter kit (block party amber ale). One week ago put my wort with yeast in a dark closet that has an average temperature around 70 degrees. I never noticed activity in my airlock but I think that is due to an...
  2. Matt McAlear

    Does my beer have mold??

    I am brewing a bluemoon clone and noticed some white lines near the glass ridge that seem odd. It is still fermenting well. I’m wondering what these white lines are and if my beer is still safe to drink or if I should dump it?
  3. Washington_Brewologist

    Yeast starter seems to have finished the fermentation way quicker than anticipated...

    So I'm new to using yeast starters and I pitched my first one into an Irish Red that I brewed on Monday 7/2. I was pleasantly surprised to see how vigorous the fermentation was @ 7 hours into it and by 20 there was about a 4-inch krausen. Now on day 4, there is barely any activity coming from...
  4. F

    Home brew starter kit - Complete Microbrewer - 17 items

    Items includes Stainless steel stockpot with tap hop and strainer - 15ltr Stainless steel stockpot - 15ltr Mashing and Sparging Bag Small Plastic Trial Jar Hydrometer with Case Steriliser 250g Mixing Spoon/Paddle 10lts Bucket with Lid, Grommet, Airlock and Tap 10 Litre Bucket with Lid and Tap...
  5. R

    Black RaspBerry wine....first fermentation time period?

    I see references to 5 and 7 day primary fermentation time for domesticated Black RaspBerry cultivar (not wild). With my crushed berries in a strained sack inside why would one use 5 vs 7 days? If will be transferred to 5 gal carboys either tomorrow (5 days) of on Wed 7 days. TY for any feedback. Ron
  6. rondemay

    Brett Concerns

    I don't know. I've never bretted anything before, but I don't think this is right... There is no pressure in my secondary. I wouldn't expect to see much activity, or any more fermentation, but a little standing pressure would make sense. I was worried about air leaking in, but it's a glass...
  7. A

    California Complete Homebrewing Equipment Set

    HI! I have a complete home brew set that I am selling. The price is set at 2,500$. Well work out a deal to part it out if necessary. This has only been used once!!! Been busy and haven't had time to brew, so I need to give it to someone that will brew more then I have. Put this equipment to use...
  8. M

    So I did a thing...

    About 2 weeks ago I brewed a 10 gal of Paulaner Hefe-Weissbier (10.5 wheat, 9.5 2row, 8oz date Munich with 2x wlp351) it seems like it is done fermenting but the SG is 1.023 about 10 more than it should be. I have no ideas other than keg or get another packet and go for gold with that. Help...
  9. PeteNice

    Fermentation out of control

    I brewed a wit yesterday and, didn't have an airlock so I used a blowoff tube. I woke up to find the blowoff tube had overflowed with foam, I bought an airlock, tried it, and it exploded off the carboy in under an hour. I went back to a blowtube setup and within minutes foam was rushing through...
  10. A

    Extending primary from 2 weeks to 5 weeks

    Hey everyone, We brewed an American Pale Ale 7 days ago. It's been sitting around 61F in our SS Brew bucket. The original recipe calls for 2 weeks in primary at 68F 2 weeks of keg conditioning at 60F and a 7 day dry hop. We don't Keg condition, so thats one thing. But the main thing is we...
  11. V

    Need Some Advice

    So I did a 3 gallon batch last night in a 5 gallon corny (to ferment) and am a little worried about a few things. 1. This is my first time rehydrating yeast - I made sure to use sterile water put the yeast in it at 86F let sit 15 min then stired, then poured once within 10F of the wort, which...
  12. V

    Yeast Questions

    Hello, So I am getting ready to brew a 2.5 gallon batch and was wondering how much of the yeast in the picture attached to use (11g pack). Additionally it says to rehydrate the yeast which I have not done before and was looking for a little guidance. Thanks in advance!
  13. V

    Fermenting Under Pressure

    So I keep hearing mixed statements on fermenting under pressure. I've heard it the best way to go and super easy and I've heard that it will blow up your corny keg. Heres the corny I am using: https://www.picobrew.com/store/products/Product.cshtml?id=268 My questions are with that keg and...
  14. S

    Anyone around Dallas,TX want to help me out?

    I made a post in the beginner's forum, but I'm having some issues getting an AG batch to go right. I would love if a member could come and help me by either going through a brew day with me to point out any mistakes that I'm making, but most importantly I would love if someone could come and...
  15. V

    Blow off tube alternative

    So my airlock has been "bubbled up" into and filling with yeasty bi-product three times and I don't have quick access to a blow-off tube. Should I just keep cleaning and re-sanitizing it or is there something else I can do? Also, the temperature has been in the 66-70 range the whole time...
  16. K

    Outdoor glycol chiller and outdoor fermentation chambers cheap

    I have every little room so I am forced to use the outside, if turned part of my side hard into my brew area as I have my rig moderator and brewing storage (Rubbermaid totes with a outdoor furniture cover). I have been brewing for awhile my problem is my fermentation chamber is an my kegerator i...
  17. S

    Swedish Berry Wine

    Hey Everyone..... - I melted down some Swedish Berry candies into red syrup. - Boiled it in a gallon of water. - Added sugar and acid blend - Added a cup of green tea And so far, it seems to be fermenting! Check out my photos!
  18. Merds

    Chocolate Milk Stout - fermentation question

    Morning! I'm new to home brewing and started fermenting my first batch last week. Everything seems to be going well - keeping temp around 64-66 degrees and happily bubbling away. My question is this - the recipe calls for 1-2 weeks primary, then add chocolate nibs (which I will soak in Vodka to...
  19. L

    Krausen doesn't look yeasty for top cropping

    Hi all, As the title says I'm hoping to try top cropping yeast for the first time but it doesn't look yeasty like pictures/videos I've seen or past beers I've brewed. It looks more like general beer head, have I missed my opportunity or is there still hope? The yeast is Wlp500 which had a...
  20. thisissami

    Has anybody ever made "mead" with raw cane sugar?

    I'm thinking about giving it a try. Replacing the honey with raw cane sugar. I really like the taste of that stuff when dissolved in water, and I bet it'd make a really yummy fermented drink!! Is there any reason that I'm oblivious to that I shouldn't even bother trying this? I added a raw...