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  1. F


    Hi, everybody. Im Fizi and im so glad to be part of this community! I know it's only for introduction sheet for new member and we should write only about our self in a short term. Anyway, I and my colleague just start our homemade banana fermentation. So far so good actually. They go as much as...
  2. H

    Apple Cider

    Goodday I am Human and I have a problem with my cider. I am busy fermenting my cider and noticed so white stuff on top of the cider while fermenting. I will attach a photo. If anyone know what it is and how to treat it please let me know. Kind regards Human
  3. G

    Fermenting time in older recipes

    Hey all, I found an old(ish) cooking book with few mead recipes from 1950. I am able to get approx measurement of handfull or glass and judging by amount of yeast (ranges from 50-200g) I guess they mean bread yeast that should revived before usage. What surprises me are often given fermenting...
  4. E

    What are these white clumpy particles?

    hello all, I am new to homebrew and just noticed these white clumpy floating particles in my fermenting beer. I pitched my yeast around a week ago, and gravity reading is currently 1.010. What might these particles be?
  5. Ryan Lloyd

    Fermentation too cold?

    I'm making a Dark lager and the recipe says it needs to ferment between 59 and 69 degrees. The warmest my fridge will go is 55 degrees. Is that going to be an issue? Does it need to ferment longer than 2 weeks because of the colder temp?
  6. Temples brew

    Might have messed up

    hey fellow homebrewers, so I’m making a sweet strawberry mead and I think I added too much fruit and honey and not enough water. It’s only been 2 days into fermentation and I realized this is only going to yield maybe 2 liters of mead at most. Is it too late to add a bit of water?
  7. M

    FV surface layer - mould or wild yeast bacteria?

    Hi all I’ve had a couple of brews sitting in the fermenters while I was away on holidays. Fermentation started 4 April and each finished around 20 April. Before I left I’d dumped the trub, removed the spent dry hop bags, and set both FV’s to maintain 6 deg to kill fermentation while I was away...
  8. Mattyg91

    Fermentation help!

    Hi everyone, on Saturday I performed my first all grain brew. It’s a smash American pale ale, and I substituted the US – 05 yeast for Kveik. This is a 5 gallon brew. The first 24 hours brought A LOT of action. More action than I’ve ever seen from another yeast. However, less than 36 hours...
  9. azbirazbira

    Dry hop on day 5 of fermentation

    Hello everyone. I am joining from Turkey. I've been making whole grain beer for many years. But I see myself at the beginning of the road. Because I have so much to learn. :) Now I want to ask you about one of them. I brewed a smash beer from my own grown cascade hops and poured it into the...
  10. FlyingWombat

    Guide on How to Culture Yeast

    Hey everyone, we created guides on how to culture yeast! The videos cover yeast harvesting, rinsing and culturing. If you have any questions or feedback for future videos would love to hear them. Also, if there are any other topic areas you would like us to cover, please tell us! Cheers.
  11. J

    Results of High Temp Optimal Kveik Yeast Ferment

    Doing a test batch of a Citra IPA using Lallemand Voss Kveik dry yeast at 96 to 99 degrees F. As you can see from my Ispindle, Red color is SG and Blue is Temp. Lallemand indicates that the optimal range is 35-40°C (95-104°F) The results are less than 24 hours. Cross referenced with my...
  12. B

    Replacing an air locking during feementation. Good or bad?

    Hello all, I am fermenting a Irish Blonde Ale with an OG of 1.052. I pitched the yeast at 71 Fahrenheit. The yeast became very active quickly. About 24 hours I had it pour into my airlock. I caught it happening pretty quickly and used a tube submerged in Star-San. My question is should I just...
  13. B

    residue in fermenter

    Hi, I recently brewed a Hefeweisen 12 BLG . I have a few mesh bags that I pour the wort through into the the fermenter. 100, 200 and 300micron and I have used each of them for different brews over time. I was noticing that it takes forever for the wort to separate from the mash and hops and...
  14. SnyderCider

    When to notice yeast

    So I started fermenting about 12 hours ago. And I know that it says 24-48 hours for the effects to happen but is it normal for the cider to look like nothings changed in that time? Just want to make sure I didn’t mess anything up in the process.
  15. A

    IPA trouble getting dry hops to settle, even with gelatin and cold crash

    Hey guys, I brewed an IPA and I´m currently on day 19 of fermentation. Its been cold crashed and gelatin for 4 days at 0-2 C*. My procedure for the gelatin was adding 1g of gelatin for every gallon of beer and 2oz of water for every gram of gelatin: came out to 10gr of gelatin in 20oz of water...
  16. M

    Double IPA just started fermenting but seems pretty violently

    Hi, I just brewed a double ipa last night and notice in the am everything seemed fine. I could hear it gurgle every couple of seconds. Fast forward to tonight and I see wort (or looks like sugar) coming out of the airlock. Please see picture. What should I do about this? Nothing, fill it up...
  17. F

    Fermentation control project

    I'm making my own fermentation control system. First part is done. Control cabinet for 3 tanks. STC-1000 for temperature control, red plugs for heating and blue plugs for chilling. Next i need to make small portable fridge tank for cold water. Heating will probably be with heat pads but mostly i...
  18. C

    For Sale Electric Herms Setup - Medford Oregon

    Are you ready to take your home brew to the next level? Here is a 10 gallon electric homebrew system, rolling rack, grainmill, pumps, 2 chillers, water purification. just a lot of stuff... including fermentation tank used to control temp for lagers, pills, ales etc. Cold crash like no other. ...
  19. N

    My cider stopped fermenting halfway

    Hi, i was wondering why my cider stopped (severely slowed down?) after 1 and a half weeks of fermenting. I tasted it and it wasnt strong at all, 6 percent max. Lots of sugar left aswell. I stirred it with a small spoon to get the yeast that lied on the bottom back up, put on the airlock and...
  20. Mistivor

    New Brewer Wanting Advice

    I started my first brew 1pm yesterday and today at 6am I've found that it's fizzing and a must is already starting to form. I got my brew set up on an air lock now. Is the speed in which my fermentation set a good thing or should I be worried? Full process: We started off with prepping some...