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  1. N

    Ohio 5 Gallon Cornelius Keg, Fastferment, 6.5 gallon glass carboys, and 5 gallon glass carboys

    Looking to get rid of some of my fermenting equipment I no longer have need for. Selling three 5 gallon ball lock kegs ($50 each), one 7.9 gallon fasterment with accessories (Thermometer, FastFerment Strap, FastFerment 3-Piece Stand, Fermentation jacket) $65 , two 6.5 gallon glass carboys $25...
  2. drpepper517

    On the right track with wild yeast?

    What's up guys and gals? About two weeks ago I tossed some grapes and a couple leaves into some starter to catch something wild. There were signs of fermentation and I let it go 12 days, saw visible sediment at the bottom of the mason jar. It smelled and tasted pretty pretty good, a little...
  3. V

    I Knew Better (Troubleshooting)

    I did an NEIPA recently O.G. 1.060 and the homebrew store was out of the yeast I needed and it had to be brewed that day so I pitched RVA Hoptopper 2 1/2 months old with no starter :smh: (I knew better and said YOLO). Resulting beer is very fusel tasting which I can only think is due to...
  4. Jhonntan Gonzalez

    Can beer keep carbonating after fridge?

    Hello guys, I've been homebrewing for almost 2 years right now, I have always bottle condition my beers but recently I found after a year or so of not having any over carbonated beers that two batches were over carbonated. On the first batch, it was over-carbonated from the beginning, my second...
  5. V

    Acceptable Amount of Alcohol Taste

    Recently did a DIPA which is young, only about 2 weeks old that came out to 8.5%. For my NEIPA style beers I usually keg pretty early about 10 days (gravity reading stable for 3 days in a row) then dry hop in the keg for a 1 1/2 weeks before serving and they usually are gone within 1-2 weeks...
  6. K

    getting rid of the smell in a smart way

    I'll start from the beginning. I have a conical tank and a brite tank. Both have been sanitized to perfection. Transferred unpasteurized apple juice to the conical tank, added around 80g of K-meta to my 800 liter juice, a few hours later added the required DAP. Next day, pitched Safale S-04...
  7. B

    Ginger Bug Mold

    Hey all, I’ve been working with a ginger bug for nearly two months strong. It’s been delivering on some really fantastic ginger beer, but has recently developed some black spots on the bottom. I also noticed with the last batch that it had me racing to the restroom after every glass. I thought...
  8. Sergiy

    A bit higher final gravity

    Hi, i got 1.015 final, and i expect it to be around 1.010. Does it make sence to keep it for a few days more? I used M44 Jack yeast, fermentation for 9 days.
  9. A

    Blending too bitter IPA with unhopped wort in secondary fermenter

    Hello everyone! Recently I brewed my first IPA with chinese Nugget, and I had a sip of that yesterday after gravity reading and it's bitterness is way too harsh. It's been fermenting for 11 days already including 5 days of secondary. People say here that bitterness mellows with aging, but I want...
  10. C

    Mold in beer?

    Hi, I just finished brewing a black IPA in my SS brewtech fermeneter. This is my first one using stainless steel, and I cleaned it heavy with TSP first like suggested. I can’t tell if the black I’m seeing in here is from grains or mold growth? I sanitized it the best I could prior to brewing and...
  11. Killdozer666

    Rhode Island Parting out complete 1/2BBL Home Brewery and Draught System

    Complete 1/2 BBL brewhouse with water filter, inline pump, tippy-dump insulated mash tun, and custom-welded frame Complete 4+ tap draught system with chest freezer, corny kegs, CO2, and perlick faucets Full fermentation setup including yeast starting plate, lagering fridge, heat pad, and custom...
  12. exaideum

    Fermenting sour and wild ales outside

    Hello Beer-internet! So I'm running low on space inside my small house and I'm considering building a small air-tight unit on the side of my house to hold all of my smaller 1-5 gal fermenters that are housing long aging sours. Is that a terrible idea? I've only been making sours for a little...
  13. H

    Beginner here... wine won't stop fermenting? Looking for advice

    Hi there, I'm making my first batch of wine and I'm looking for some advice. It's a gallon of blackberry wine. It was in primary for about 10 days then I racked it into the secondary fermenter. According to the recipe I'm following, the secondary fermentation should have taken 30 days or less...
  14. gradnin

    Carbonating in Cans?

    I recently acquired a hand-cranked 225 series All-American Seamer for 12oz or 16oz aluminum cans. I have been filling the cans from a keg via a beer gun (well, Last Straw). Thus far I have found this to be a messy process with too much foam and too much wasted beer -- hoping that I get better...
  15. Wil Prim

    Specific gravity going back up after primary ferment

    so I am creating a pale ale and I have a 5 gallon batch that I put into primary fermentation about a week ago and about 5 days after I noticed the gravity was at a solid 1.008, so I racked out and put into a glass carboy for aging. When I tasted it during this time, it had a really solvent-like...
  16. Brew It Back

    Stuck fermentation? Or just sluggish?

    I made my first batch of wine (grapes were from my backyard). OG was ~1.08. The primary fermentation was a little slow, it dropped to SG 1.03 only after about a week, at which point I racked to secondary. It's been three weeks since I pitched the yeast, and it's sitting at SG 1.2- 1.018 at the...
  17. J

    Fermentation temperature too high

    So I've made a batch when the temps were supposed to drop to around 20 degrees celsius for like 10 days and ofcourse after 2 days the outside temperature is 29 degrees and my fermenting beer is swinging from 21 degrees up to 27-28, what does this mean for my beer? Should I even bottle it or is...
  18. HomeBrewMasterRace

    Dry Hopping Question

    Hi all, I missread the recipe for the neipa that am making and I dry hopped at day 3 instead of only for 3 days. I'm now on day for and was planning to dry hop again on Friday. My question is, when I dry hop the new bag should I fish out the old one? I'm using citra, Galaxy and mosaic hops...
  19. tripleD

    Fermentation Stand for a pair of Spike CF15 Conicals w/ DIY Glycol Chiller

    I have been lurking on here for the better part of a year benefiting from the community's knowledge without sharing any of my own successes / failures. In an attempt to give back a little, I thought I would share my fermentation stand build in the hopes that someone can learn from my mistakes...
  20. Washington_Brewologist

    Finally got a chest freezer need advice on most effective way to set up temp control

    Hey guys! So I finally found a chest freezer that was big enough for my two fermenters and also has room in case I decide to brew bigger batches. I used my Ink-Bird temp controller on my kegerator for the last batch of beer I brewed so I have a decent idea of how it works. For the kegerator, I...