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  1. J

    FG finished much lower than expected?

    Hi all, Just after an answer to a question I have regarding my beer ABV finishing alot higher than anticipated. I have brewed a Citra Pale Ale which I anticipated to finish at 10.15 but Instead it has finished at 10.11. My OG was also a little high (10.62) when it was estimated to be...
  2. R

    Homemade label - thoughts?

    Curious to get everyone's feedback - don't hold back. There's one subtle aspect to it and I'm wondering if it'll get noticed.
  3. V

    NEIPA Hops?

    To brew a killer NEIPA, one needs big, juicy hop aromas and flavors. I have heard a few brewers describe what they call "base" or "dominant" or "banger" hops that form the structure and big flavor that the other hops can layer upon. Examples: Citra Mosaic Simcoe Galaxy Strata Nelson Sauvin...
  4. A

    Centennial, Amarillo and Citra Hop Combo

    I am designing an APA recipe and I want to achieve a well balanced - not too bitter - tropical flavour and aroma. Here's the hop schedule I've come up with. Thoughts?
  5. Ancient Ginseng

    Brewing a Chinook Centennial Amarillo IPA. Thoughts?

    Hello guys , Im brewing a Chinook Centennial Amarillo IPA 6.3% abv , 44 ibu . Im not trying to get an extremely hoppy ipa with high ibu. I am trying to avoid Citra Galaxy Mosaic etc but to get an equally nice IPA. My plan is to get a balance hoppy flavor and nice mid - bittering at 44 ibu from...
  6. I

    Northern Brewer Chinook IPA (Modified)

    Hey everyone, I'm brand new to homebrewing and decided to purchase the Northern Brewers Homebrew Starter Kit which came with a Chinook IPA kit. I wanted to modify this a little to make it into a hazy/NEIPA style IPA. I decided to replace the Chinook hops with Citra hops and will use LA III 1318...
  7. C

    Citra/Cascade APA recipe critique

    Doing my second all grain batch and decided to try to come up with a recipe myself. Needless to say, I haven't been decisive about any part of it. I'm shooting for a crisp, easy drinking APA, perfect for a hot September! OG: 1.053 FG: 1.011 IBU: 39 ABV: 5.5% Grain: 9.2 lbs (77%) American 2-row...
  8. Gallagher1424

    Juicy (non hazy) IPA Recipe help

    Hello fellow home brewers. I Developed this recipe looking to create an IPA that would be juicy but not necessarily hazy. I was hoping that I could get some feed back on any modifications or suggestions you may have. Stats IBU:44 SRM: 9 OG:1.066 5.25 gallon batch size Mash at 150F for 70min...
  9. Stollejocke

    Coopers Diablo IPA with Citra

    Hey all. I wanna share a recipe i did. Its a Coopers Diablo IPA with added Citra in boil and dryhop. I start with boiling 20g Citra in 2l water for 20min.I leave the hops in the mix. I add the Diablo extract and stir it up really good. I then added 400 dextrose for added ABV. After that i fill...
  10. Gallagher1424

    What style of beer would this be considered...

    So i was trying to use up some left over ingredients and decided to make a beer with it just to see how it would turn out. What style do you think this falls under... Grain Bill: 1lb 6row 1lb Crystal malt 20L 2lb Corn Flaked 8lb 2row (US) Hop Bill: 1oz Amarillo (60 min) 1oz Citra (5min) 1oz...
  11. G

    Diacetyl from bottling

    Hey guys, This is now the second batch that I have noticed this, so I’m just curious if I’m starting to go crazy or not. I’ve brewed two batches a little while ago, both are partial mash. First one being an ipa and second being a neipa style with fruit additions. Both were amazing in the keg...
  12. JesseL

    SRM mystery

    I've been working on a single-hop citra IPA recipe, and something really strange happened with my latest iteration. I'm aiming for a lovely pale straw color, and my brewing software said that the SRM for this last batch should be 2. Somehow, it has come out much, much darker; between 8 and 9. My...
  13. Kris Brew

    First Recipe, Brewing Tomorrow - Thoughts?

    Hi all, Just want some opinions really... i have never created a recipe before and thought i would have a go! That's what i have come up with based on the ingredients i have, opinions?
  14. PeteSeattle

    Bale Breaker Top Cutter IPA Recipe

    Hi Folks, I’m planning my next few brews. While sipping on some Bale Breaker Top Cutter I decided to search for its recipe. Thanks to BYO there’s a recipe. (Let me know If the link doesn’t work) It would be fun to have others join in recreating this. OR have folks chime in if you have made...
  15. M

    Best Cheap Hop Combos

    I've been intrigued about hop combos and their biotransformations ever since I heard Stan Hieronymus speak about them. Using nugget and chinook in the whirl pool and/or dry hop produce something much fruitier/tropical than either on their own. I've tried it and it seems to be true. Has anyone...
  16. BrewingAroundtheRrealm

    Double IPA Brew Day with With Citra, Simcoe, Ekuanot, Centennial and WLP095

    It's been a while since I've posted a video to the forum. This is the first video I'm posting since changing format to include the brew day and the tasting of the final product. Full details, including the recipe with the beerXML file, can be found on my website...
  17. I

    BPA with citrusy taste and aroma!

    Hi guys, how are you today? I wonder if any of you could help me in this case XD! I'm planning to brew a Belgian Pale Ale style with a medium citrusy flavor and aroma! I'm new in brewing large batches, and I'm trying to figure how to have a "shy, little citrusy characteristic" in my beer. The...
  18. datagreier

    Fun, consistent cider recipies from kits

    I've been experimenting with using kits to make tasty and fun ciders with consistent results (as the concentrates are rather consistent in flavour). I've mainly been using Mangrove Jacks Craft Series Apple Cider and Mangrove Jacks Craft Series Pear Cider. As far as I can see, these can be bought...
  19. B

    IPAs and Hop Comboinations

    I decided to try and have an IPA recipe all my own recently and so this summer I thought I would spend it perfecting one. I wanted to post the hops combos I have used so far maybe someone will have some pointers or ideas and maybe this info can help someone else trying to get a better grasp on...
  20. Rik van den berg

    Am i maximizing the potential of these hops?

    I brewed a NE (or double) IPA that came out really good. This one was done with partial mash and extract and was the 4th beer i brewed. This was also the first beer i brewed with my own hop bill. I'd like to try this one again with my own all grain bill and using the lessons i learnt but because...