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Oct 6, 2020
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Hey everyone, I'm brand new to homebrewing and decided to purchase the Northern Brewers Homebrew Starter Kit which came with a Chinook IPA kit. I wanted to modify this a little to make it into a hazy/NEIPA style IPA. I decided to replace the Chinook hops with Citra hops and will use LA III 1318 as the yeast instead of the dry yeast it came with.

My question is if it's possible to modify this kit's recipe to make it into a NEIPA or anything relatively close to it and how would I go about achieving that?

The recipe can be found here: Chinook IPA Recipe
Welcome to HomeBrewTalk.com and the wonderful hobby of home brewing.

A warning about NEIPA's: This is one of the most difficult styles for a homebrewer to execute with acceptable results. Look for threads about problems with NEIPA's on HBT. The issue is that all of the un-isomerized hop oils in an NEIPA are extremely susceptible to oxidation, and can become oxidized in a matter of days or a couple of weeks (the time required to carb in bottles.) Oxidized NEIPA'a have flat/bland hop character that is nothing like an NEIPA is supposed to be.

I suggest you think about brewing the kit as delivered. Learn about the process, and get some success under your belt before attempting an NEIPA. If the results of your first attempt are disappointing (a high probability for an NEIPA) it may discourage you about homebrewing. While you get a couple of simpler brews completed, read about oxygen control on the cold side, and what people have had to do to get their NEIPA's to be acceptable.

Brew on :mug:
Welcome to the forum and to homebrewing!

I agree with what was said above and you have to have the equipment to keep oxygen out of the beer if you really want to nail the style. It's all about hops, and a ton of hops at that, so i'm not sure if your kit would have come with enough hops to get you there. If this is your first batch ever i'd would be best to get one under your belt before tinkering too much. It's the nature of the homebrewer to mess around with the recipe!
With that said, you could get sort of close if you just think the style through. Low bitterness and lots of hops at the end of the boil/whirlpool and during fermentation and dry hop. Looks like your kit came with 2 oz of hops? You'll have to get a homebrew recipe calculator and start playing around with the citra hops to see how much you'll need to get the ibu's you want. After that I'd divvy out the rest of the hops between the whirlpool and dryhop but maybe more in the dryhop.

no matter what you do let us know how it goes and post of pic in the 'post a picture of your pint' thread! :mug: