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Feb 3, 2020
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Hey all.
I wanna share a recipe i did.
Its a Coopers Diablo IPA with added Citra in boil and dryhop.

I start with boiling 20g Citra in 2l water for 20min.I leave the hops in the mix.
I add the Diablo extract and stir it up really good.
I then added 400 dextrose for added ABV.
After that i fill it up with water in Cooper Craft kit to 8.5l
SG 1.052
When temp is down on mixture i pitch the S-04
I replaced the kit yeast with 11.5g of S-04
I ferment in roomtemp,which here in sweden is 21C right now.
After 6 days fermentation i add 50g of Citra in a dryhop bag with added weight to make it sink to the bottom.
After 4 days of dryhop the FG is stable at 1.005
I bottle it in Cooper big bootles with 2 carbonation drops

I think this turned out great.I just love Citra :rock: