Water Adjustment - what to add?

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Aug 28, 2008
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Hanahan, SC (North Charleston)
Can you recommend some additions to make my water better for brewing?

I think I have pretty good tap water but after checking my PH and conversion efficiency on the last brew, I believe there is room for improvement.

I only had a 90.8 conversion efficiency and a pH of 4.6 according to the test strips.

I added 1 tbsp of 5.2 and 1 tbsp of gypsum to the mash tun before adding the grains. Should I have waited until the grains were in before adding the chemicals? I now believe the gypsum was a mistake based on the low PH.

According to my municipal water report:
Hardness 60ppm
Calcium 20ppm
Magnesium 2-3ppm
Bicarb ?
Sulfate 37
Sodium 22
Chloride 25
PH 8.7
Alkalinity 28ppm

Thanks for any help...

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