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Tom Powell

Mar 10, 2022
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I'm not sure about anyone else, but I am a big fan of Tia Maria mixed with Guinness. I am thinking about brewing a kit beer that has similar notes to it. What would happen if I brewed a St Peters stout kit with a bottle (or two) of Tia Maria added to the mix? I am quite new to home-brewing and am currently brewing from kits but trying to adapt them to suit my own needs. Any suggestions/ideas?


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Jun 26, 2018
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Coffee liqueur like Tia Maria can be added to a brew--you may have luck searching for people doing it with Kahlua. Remember that any cane sugar derived sweetness will ferment away so it will not taste the same as adding TM to your glass. But the coffee and vanilla would remain in the mix.

Another idea: You will likely find a recipe in the forms for coffee and vanilla milk stout, which uses non fermentable lactose sugar, which will remain sweet.

I suppose you could even add TM to a stout recipe along with separate lactose. Maybe easier than working with actual vanilla and coffee.

If it were me, I would add things after primary fermentation to try to keep more of the flavors intact. If you add TM direct to a brew, let it sit for a week or so to ensure the cane sugar in it is fermented before you bottle!