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  1. J

    switching from a CO2 to Nitro mix

    I only recently got set up with a beer gas tank and stout faucet and have trouble with an excessive head on the dispensed beer. It may be that when it was originally kegged it was with CO2 only and I believe that this will have put too much into solution. What is my best option: (1) release...
  2. L

    Thoughts on this Pastry Stout grain bill

    Hello everyone, New to the Forum, been brewing for about 5 years, but recently made the step up to All Grain and have 7 really solid AG Batches under my belt. AG has made me fall in love with brewing all over again! Anyway, I'll cut to chase, I'm wanting to make a sweet, high ABV (between...
  3. jasper_brewer

    Steeped the Oak Chips for Whisky Barrel Stout

    I was following a recipe for Whisky Barrel Stout and I did not read the instructions properly(my fault). I put the chips with grains in the steeping bag and steeped for 20 minutes at a temperature around 165-170 F. Will this be harmful for health? Will it still taste like oak? I feel it will...
  4. M

    Iron flavor in stouts after carbonation?

    Hi all, I don’t know if I’m all alone with this issue but after bottling and carbonation all of my stouts changes somehow. When they are fresh and in the kegs, theres no issue and they taste awesome but when they’re ready and packed, something happens. I can taste iron and acid flavor. What...
  5. T

    Tia Maria Stout

    I'm not sure about anyone else, but I am a big fan of Tia Maria mixed with Guinness. I am thinking about brewing a kit beer that has similar notes to it. What would happen if I brewed a St Peters stout kit with a bottle (or two) of Tia Maria added to the mix? I am quite new to home-brewing and...
  6. Lucky_Tart

    Flanders red + ??? = Sour Stout (Developing a recipe for blending)

    Hear me out....Next on my “Brewbucket List” is a sour stout, but looking at the threads and recipes on the topic, I don’t want to wait for Roeselare or bottle dregs to bring the funk and complexity when I do have a gallon of Dr. Lambic’s Flanders Red (Dr. Lambic’s Homebrewed Sour Red Ale), a...
  7. KDogg

    Surly Grindcore clone attempt If anyone is interested and know the beer. I made this beer off a few ideas from other recipes as a starting point, as I got from their website what the grain bill is and hops and yeast used. The first test from fermenter are...
  8. snmcatee

    For Sale Complete 15 gallon BIAB electric brewing system

    Everything you need to brew easily and quickly! Located in MN. $1750 for everything!
  9. kevin58

    Historical Beers 1956 Amstel Stout

    I found this recipe on Ron Pattinson's blog, Shut Up About Barclay Perkins. Amstel is not a beer I know anything about except that they brew lagers. So it came as a surprise to see the word Stout attached to the Amstel name. I brewed this as soon as I read Ron's article which states that Stouts...
  10. A


    Good day everyone. I made an Irish stout, according to my own recipe. While pouring it for carbonation, I tried it. It turned out according to the recipe: there is a burnt taste and its aroma, as well as coffee and bread crusts. But it turned out to be a dry stout, and I wanted a sweet one...
  11. P

    Can Lutra actually be such a BEAST?

    I brewed a stout using Omega Yeast Lutra kveik. Let's go. Lutra® Kveik OG was 1075 and after 24 hours at 30°C (about 86°F), it reached 1027, making the beer about 6,3 %. The taste was quite harshly bitter. After 48 hours it is still at 1027 and tastes delicious. My question is, can this...
  12. jayjay

    Banana Split Recipe - how to add banana to beer

    Hi fellow brewers So i want to experiment with a milk stout by "dry hopping" with toasted cacaonibs, vanilla and banana process to imitate a banana split dessert. However, i am worried that raw banana might contain too much fat to work properly in the beer, so i am thinking of using...
  13. mccamich

    Nitrogenating Keg Using Diffusion Stone...Same Volume of CO2 as NCO2?

    Hey all. I brewed an Irish stout that I am very excited about and I decided to keg it (first time kegging) and to nitro it (also first time nitrogenating). I have all the equipment, the tank, the regulator, the hoses, the diffusion stone, etc and I'm 90% sure that I know how to hook it all up to...
  14. B

    Magnesium acceptable level for stout

    Hi guys :) I know that the acceptable level of magnesium for making beers is 0-40 ppm, but in most recipes it is around 5 ppm. I know that the malts have magnesium on sufficient level. But my question is: my water is 16 ppm and I'm wondering if it is too much for stout ? So it is 16 ppm plus...
  15. Larryposte

    Maple syrup in stout wort

    Hey there, my wort is ready and I’m planning to add maple syrup to it in order to brew something closer to a pastry stout than a regular stout. I have 22 liter of wort, how many maple syrup should I add to that before I make all of this fermenting? Thanks in advance
  16. DanInSydney

    Belgian Stout Bottle Priming

    Hey guys, getting ready to bottle but the recipe didn’t give any directions on this! I want to bottle prime with sugar. Any advice on which sugars and what quantity?
  17. DanInSydney

    Irish Stout fermentation

    Got a stout on the go in 2 glass carboys. 3 weeks fermenting and looked finished - beautiful black colour. But... Yoday 1 of the carboys started bubbling away like crazy and has gone back to the brown colour it was before turning black. See left back right above. Any idea whats going on?
  18. secretlevel

    How to (Successfully) Brew with Maple Syrup - My story of trial and error

    I have tried pretty much all of the methods to try to get maple flavor in my beers. I've done a maple as priming sugar, maple-aged oak staves, fenugreek seed beer, maple extract beer, maple in primary, maple in secondary, maple soup, maple gumbo... just kidding about the last two. You get the...
  19. BryggAnton

    Adding Dextrin during fermentation

    Hi folks! I'm 1 week in to the fermentation on my big extract stout. And now i wounder if i can add some dextrin directly in to my fermentation vessel, or is it too late? I'm planning on kegging it in 2-3weeks from now.
  20. FL_ABG_brewer77

    Perpetual Blending

    So my idea is that i'll brew a beer (probably either a stout or a barely wine) and I'll let it age for a year. Approx 2 weeks before batch #1 is a year old, i'll brew batch #2. And I'll repeat this cycle year after year. Each time I'll pull an equal amount of each vintage and blend them...