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  1. A

    RO Water - starting with lower pH

    Due to my local water (philly), I've shifted to using full RO water and have been having a hard time with dialing it in. One of the things that throws me off is stripping back my starting pH from the average 6.8-7.2 to about 5.7-5.8~ Recently, I tried my stout recipe (grain bill & mash below)...
  2. T

    mocha frappucino milk sout or imperial milk stout

    this is an AI generated recipe any ideas on the recipe? i was fooling around with chatgpt and thought of this for a flavor. i looked it up and central waters brewing makes this flavor i just figured i could try to homebrew it. Ingredients: 14 lbs. Maris Otter malt 2 lbs. chocolate malt 2 lbs...
  3. T

    Tia Maria Stout

    I'm not sure about anyone else, but I am a big fan of Tia Maria mixed with Guinness. I am thinking about brewing a kit beer that has similar notes to it. What would happen if I brewed a St Peters stout kit with a bottle (or two) of Tia Maria added to the mix? I am quite new to home-brewing and...
  4. Larryposte

    Maple syrup in stout wort

    Hey there, my wort is ready and I’m planning to add maple syrup to it in order to brew something closer to a pastry stout than a regular stout. I have 22 liter of wort, how many maple syrup should I add to that before I make all of this fermenting? Thanks in advance
  5. P

    Temperature when adding adjuncts

    Hello everyone, I am going to be adding some vanilla bean, toasted coconut, and cocoa nibs once primary fermentation is complete. Should I add these at the same temperature I’ve been fermenting? Or does it not really make a difference? Thanks!
  6. J

    Stout Mistake

    Made a whiskey stout from a Brewer's Best extract kit. Followed the instructions to the letter, and our SG was 1.040 instead of the 1.065 the kit projected. My buddy and I have no idea why. Our fermenter was even under the 5 gallon mark by about 1/4 gallon, so we didn't overfill or anything. FG...
  7. D

    An Imp Stout with a high amount of Caramunich

    I have been thinking of making a video on my Youtube channel DrHans Brewery about Caramunich malt for quite some time but never got around to it. As I was sent an Imperial Stout with a high amount of Caramunich, I took the chance to at least talk a little about a malt that I think is quite...
  8. st1l3tto

    Stout God stole the body from my beers :\

    Hi there! I'm struggling a lot to brew full-bodied sweet stout. Maybe it's because I missed last Stout Day (and the one before) and didn't made a black liquid sacrifice :( Or maybe because I miss some very important concept, however I have already read and tried a lot. So, any help is welcome...