Spike trio 20gal

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Nov 17, 2013
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First brew on spike trio equipment. Set my PID to 158 temp. The element never kicks off and goes way past the 158. anyone else know what this could be? Its like the element is always on and it ignores the setting set in the PID


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Apr 3, 2015
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Two obvious possibilities. 1) Operator error. 2) Defective components or devices.

When troubleshooting for operator error, go back to step #1. Choose an operation that is as simple as possible. Can you get it to work as expected? Read the operation manual from the beginning. Often you will find some universal instruction, step or process mentioned early on.

With PIDs there might be a press to confirm, or double press, something like that. They are idiosyncratic and often cryptic devices.

Couple tricks I have come up with that can be useful.

Ask yourself, "What am I assuming to be true, that I have not confirmed to be true?" Then look at everything in the process. Something as simple as you are assuming your thermometer is accurate and not the source of the error.

Another trick is read the instructions and steps backwards. I know it sounds silly. This gives you a new perspective.

I would try unplugging everything that can be unplugged. Let it set for 10-15 minutes and go back and assemble follow the instructions. Sounds dumb, but I have seen this work before.

Reach out to Spike. Describe what you did, report the observed result. See if they have any suggestions.