Spike Trio and Brewfather

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Feb 14, 2022
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I was not sure which section would be better for this question, electric brewing or software, but figured I would start here. Long story short I brew with a buddy of mine who just replaced his Blichmann TopTier system with a 20gal Spike Trio system. We primarily use Brewfather for recipe creation and tracking with Tilts. We were able to dial in an equipment profile for the old system fairly easily off of the default Brewfather profile. This whole new HERMS system changes things up for us and I don't want to screw up recipes if we don't have to and want to get the equipment profile set up correctly. There is a built-in profile for the Spike Solo in Brewfather but nothing for the Trio. I was wanting to see if anyone has set one up before and have suggestions on best settings. Thanks!