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Vermont Selling everything for all grain brewing

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Feb 10, 2011
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I stopped brewing a few years ago. Selling everything I have. Everything was purchased new and is in like new condition. Located in Bethel, Vermont. At this time I want to deal local only. No shipping. I can provide more pictures.

Bayou Classic 10 gallon, Stainless Kettle with thermometer, false bottom, mash screen, heat shield, and whirlpool port/weldless fitting. $158

7.5 gallon Stainless Kettle with added port/weldless fitting. $72

6 gallon carboys. $28 (2 available)

5 gallon carboys. $26 (2 available)

March 815 SS-C Pump Stainless Head. $220 (2 available)

Stainless dry hopper/filter screen. $26

Fermentation Chamber - GE 5 cu ft freezer w/ Auber TD100A controller, Thermowell stainless 18" 3/8", Fermwrap 40 watt Heater. $180

3 tap Keezer - GE 7 cu ft freezer w/ Auber TD100A controller, Thermowell stainless 20" 3/8", (3) 525SS Perlick Forward Seal Stainless Faucets, (3) faucet handles, (3) Shanks 6 1/8" Stainless, faucet wrench, (3) 5 gallon stainless soda kegs, Micromatic CO2 Primary Double Gauge, Micromatic CO2 Primary Single Gauge, (3) Shutoff Valve 1/4" Male Flare, (2) 5lb aluminum cylinders. $790

Monster Mill MM3-2.0, 6" x 2" stainless 3-roller, drill drive, Base/Hopper/Extension Set. $280

Ultraship 35 Scale. $18