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  1. jordanpace

    For Sale Grain Mill - Holds 100lbs of Grain - DFW/North East Texas

    I have a grain mill for sale that holds 100lbs of grain in the hopper. It is extremely well built with adjustable rollers and comes with Brute container for crushed grain. I am asking $1000 for the mill.
  2. griffinapotheca

    RMS MicroMill vs SS Brewtech Grain Mill

    I'm curious about the differences between of the RMS MicoMill vs the SS Brewtech Grain Mill. Overall, why is the SS Brewtech Grain Mill nearly 75% cheaper than the RMS MicroMill? The SS Brewtech model has 30% less capacity, but not enough to make that much of a cost difference. The features and...
  3. N

    For Sale Speidel 7.9g, MT/HLT Cooler Style, Ultimate Sparge Arm and Monster Mill

    I have the following items for sale: 3ea 7.9g Speidel Fermenters $45ea Monster Mill 3 rollers $150 More Beer MT/HLT $150 More Beer Ultimate Sparge Arm $75 I'm located in Southern California near Corona. P/U is best, but if it is something I can ship, I'll do that (on your dime).
  4. TheDogsRump

    SiC Rollers for grain mill?

    Hi guys and gals, I'm trying to make a rice polisher for brewing sake and am now thinking that if I set the gap at its highest, my grain mill could possibly work. Rice polishing usually passes a spinning silicone carbide grinding wheel. Does anyone know if it's possible to get SiC rollers to...
  5. M

    For Sale Plastic end washers for grain mills

    I added thin nylon washers (.031 " thick) to each end of the rollers in my grain mill to seal the shaft bushings from grain flour and keep grease in the bushings. This forces the end plates outward just slightly. They are. 890" diameter, which is smaller than the roller diameter. My mill runs...
  6. P

    Sold Captain Crush Grain Mill

    For sale - a Captain Crush three roller grain mill. I have had only positive experiences with this machine - it really has been quite good. I am a meticulous brewer and have taken great care of this machine. I'm asking $150, which includes shipping anywhere in the lower 48.
  7. Steven Sinclair


    Recently picked up a MaltZilla Grain mill and wow! Works better than any mill I've tried previously. Anyway, I'm putting out some feelers to see if anyone knows where I could pick up a hopper that would work with this mill. Ideally, it would hold at least 20 pounds of grain. The insertion into...
  8. C

    Vermont Selling everything for all grain brewing

    I stopped brewing a few years ago. Selling everything I have. Everything was purchased new and is in like new condition. Located in Bethel, Vermont. At this time I want to deal local only. No shipping. I can provide more pictures. Bayou Classic 10 gallon, Stainless Kettle with...
  9. sounddoc

    $12.50 for grain mill?

    Marked down from $104...should I pull the trigger? It's shipped from Russia!
  10. M

    Colorado All Grain Setup

    Used this setup for a 5 gallon brew in a bag system. Add a hot liquor tank and mash tun and you've got a ten gallon all-grain system no problemo. Everything in working order and well maintained. Located in Fort Collins. Included in this package: 15 gallon 304 stainless steel brew pot with...
  11. MaxStout

    SS Brewtech's Mill

    I just received an email promoting this, looks like it'll be available this fall. There's been some scuttlebutt around here re their new mill design, looks like someone will be able to actually get their hands on one soon. Hopefully, they will post a user review on HBT. I like the idea of...
  12. B

    Evil Twin Mill

    Hello, I hope I am posting this to the correct thread, apologies if not. I have a question for owners of the Evil Twin grain mill.. When you adjust the gap size on the side opposite of the crank and lock it in to place, is the adjustment knob supposed to spin freely?
  13. Tobor_8thMan

    Problem with MM3

    Used my MM3 for the second time today and ran into a problem. Was turning the mill by hand and with about 6 pounds of pils malt to go the mill stops milling. Around and around the mill handle goes, but nothing is being milled. Dump the unmilled pils malt into a clean container. Examine the...
  14. B

    Cereal Killer Grain Mill

    Barley used ( get it?) cereal killer grain mill with base and handle for sale. Selling off the last remnants of my gear. Drilled 2 small holes in wooden base on non handle side for wire rings used for hanging the mill under a shelf. No effect on operation. See pics below. $70 plus...
  15. Z

    Mashmaster Mill Review - Unboxing and First Brew

    This is going to be long. I'm going to try and prevent that, then fail. Sorry about that. My old mill died. Ended up saving the last brewday by double crushing - and ending up with massacred malt as a result. But I brewed! Enough is enough. I had taken a break from brewing and forgot how...
  16. N

    Schmidling adjustable malt mill

    Very little use on this adjustable maltmill. I bought a monster mill so I can work with corn. $75 plus shipping from 43016
  17. uSlackr

    Motorized Mill build

    I'm trying to build a version of the mill from this article and I'm having an issue with the drive mechanism. I have 1/2 nipple from the drive and a 3/8" shaft on the mill. No matter how tight I get the hose clamp as soon as grain hits the mill, it slips. I've considered grinding two flat...
  18. dukes909

    Corona to another mill for BIAB - worth it or not?

    (background info) I had to take apart my 20 year old Corona to thread a new hole in the wormscrew part that the handle attaches to. The original bolt that held the handle on sheared off. I used a tap to thread for a 7/16" grade 8 bolt. Worked great, but now had to disassemble everything to...
  19. M

    Washington Fruit Processing Equipment: Good Nature Squeezebox SX200 Press with Conveyor and Mill

    Good Nature Squeezebox SX200 Press with Conveyor and Mill Everything listed is in good condition. Squeezebox Juice Machine SX200 Approximately 150 US Gallons per hour, 40-60 bushels. Ideal for the small to mid-scale producer of up to 5000 gallons per week. Manual dump. Requires 110 Volts...
  20. Mobstar

    Grain Crusher

    Good day, I'm looking to buy a grain crusher but have a limited budget. Would people recommend using those generic corn grinders to crack the grain? That's all I can get/find at my LHBS.