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  1. L

    New Member, also longtime lurker

    I’ve come across this forum several times while googling questions about brewing and thought maybe it was time to join. I live in South Carolina and started brewing during the pandemic with some guys in the neighborhood. We got an anvil 10.5 and some big mouth bubblers and an Inkbird with...
  2. T

    For Sale 15 Gallon Stainless MegaPot Kettle, Sabco Modified

    Close-to-new 15 Gallon MegaPot 1.2 with welded fitting by Sabco. Has Swagelok valve and fittings, all 316L stainless. Better setup than what you can buy from NB (over $300). $199 with pickup in North Hampton, New Hampshire.
  3. R

    For Sale Atlanta - SS Brewtech 10 Gal Boil Kettle - Never Used

    Selling a 10 Gal SS Brewtech boil kettle. Bought a couple of years ago but never got around to using and picked up a Grainfather instead. I passivated it but never used it beyond that. $200 OBO. Features: Tri-Clad bottom Sanitary TC Ports Sturdy riveted silicone coated handles 3-piece TC ball...
  4. Benman37

    For Sale EUGENE, OR - Complete Stainless All-Grain Brewing Setup - $800

    I have an entire stainless steel system for homebrewing all-grain beer made by SS Brewtech, Blichmann Engineering, Bayou Classic, Fermentap, etc. Unfortunately I need to part with my system for personal reasons. This whole setup has everything you need to brew from scratch from start to finish...
  5. S

    Corroded Stainless Kettle - Solutions?

    Hi All, I tend to learn the hard way to preface this. I soldered in some tri-clamp fittings to a Brewer's Best kettle. My critical mistake was not wiping off the excess flux and leaving the kettle for months. There are some corrosion spots from the flux that was not wiped away. I've tried...
  6. B

    For Sale Stainless Steel Bayou Classic Kettle W/ False Bottom and Mash Mixer

    9-gallon Stainless Steel Bayou Classic Kettle (retails at $86) Includes weldless ball valve on drainport and additional replacement gasket Stainless Steel False Bottom (retails at $99) Can use as a boil kettle, mash tun or small volume BIAB Throwing in the following: BrewHa Mash Mixer...
  7. mrbeachroach

    For Sale Home brew huge equipment lot Nashville Area / Cookeville

    For sale 5 gallon glass Carboys- $25 6 gallon glass Carboys-$35 Fermenting buckets $-12 Wine corker-$10 Wart chiller- $25 Refractometer $10 Kegerator $400 (with 3 cornys , nitro tank, co2 tank, and regulator , 2 taps Tap- $10 Pick up middle tennessee Cookeville
  8. mrbeachroach

    For Sale SS Brewtec 20 gallon kettle Nashville area Cookeville Tn very good condition

    I’m downsizing my homebrew operation, and I have a 20 gallon ss brew Tec kettle that I have used two times for all green brewing. It works fantastic but I am in recovery now and I’m not brewing. When I purchased it, I paid roughly about 400 I will take $230 or first best offer. Pick up in...
  9. WhoDatDad78

    For Sale North dallas brewing equipment

    Kettles, mashtun, propane burner, counterflow chiller, temp control, glass and plastic fermenters of various sizes, stir plate, pump, fold up stand, immersion chiller, taps, kegs, ph meter, kegs, taps, tap handles. Celina, TX Everything works perfectly, just need it gone, I don't brew anymore...
  10. J

    For Sale Downsizing and cleaning house

    I'm looking to simplify/downsize my setup and have the following for sale. Everything in great condition but not used in a while. Located in Philadelphia, PA. Local pickup only. 20 Gallon Stout Tanks brew kettle (DEP-BK20TW-TI-SG-EL1) - asking $500 Stout doesn't have the exact model on...
  11. S

    Texas For Sale: 15 Gallon 3 Vessel Pilot System

    Brewha 15 gallon HLT, Tun, and Kettle. This is a well tuned setup. HERMS Coil for HLT High or low screen for Tun allows for direct fire (via element) in Tun Kettle is double wall w/ fluid channel to allow for no contact chill during whirlpool March Pumps All Cam Lock $2250 for kettles and...
  12. BrewersVocation

    For Sale 15 Gallon Kettle SS Brewtech $200 w/Shipping

    Will ship for free. Venmo / PayPal FF
  13. V

    For Sale Small Batch Equipment - Very Gently USED -- SFV/SO CAL

    Hello All- I have some equipment that was only used for 1 batch. I switched to a small batch setup but then had another kid and just ran out of time and interest to keep up with the hobby. Sadly I need to cut my losses again. Here is what I have: Anvil 5.5 gal brew kettle - $90 $80 $50...
  14. S

    kettle drilling resource

    Does anyone know a general business that would be able to drill a hole in a brew kettle for a valve? I am inept with tools and don't have any that I would personally attempt it with. I don't even know where or what type of business would do that type of thing. Thanks for any help and for not...
  15. M

    For Sale Blichmann 20 gallon G2 kettle

    I'm selling my Blichmann 20 gallon G2 kettle. The kettle is in good condition and includes a heat diffusion plate, cleaning brush for the Blichmann Brewometer. I'm also including a stainless hops blocker. You can easily switch between standard Blichmann pickup tube or the extended pickup tube...
  16. YMS_1975

    In desperate need of help choosing a ball valve & thermometer combo.

    Hey guys, My kettle is a simple stainless steel, Concord 30 quart (7.5 gallons) kettle. It has no openings whatsoever. Please see here I am looking to modify my kettle so that I can install a stainless steel ball valve & thermometer combo kit like this one. Can someone tell this a...
  17. 241

    For Sale Gas HERMS HLT, Blichmann Stuff, Pump

    Hello, up for sale are several items that I have kept as my spare brewing setup. I am re-configuring some things, paying off repiping my house and am limited on space so I need to get these things out of my garage. Everything was stored cleanly, covered in my garage when not in use and owned by...
  18. R

    For Sale Complete HERMS Brewing System

    Selling a complete HERMS electric home brewing system. Included are 30amp electric brew supply control panel, 20 gal SS Brewtech brew Kettle, 20gal SS Brewtech HLT, 15gal SS Brewtech Mash-tun, stainless brew stand, (3) 15amp brew pumps, 7 & 14gal SS Brewtech chronical fermenters, upright...
  19. B

    For Sale All Grain Brewing Equipment For Sale-$225: Long Beach CA

    Ready to start or expand your home brew setup? I recently moved to a condo and am downsizing to brew 1 gallon batches. All Equipment is in good shape and includes: 10 gallon stainless steel kettle, copper wort chiller, burner, cooler, brew bucket, stainless steel measuring cup, 12 & 22oz...
  20. S

    Withdrawn BrewBuilt 15 Gal 2 port Tri-clamp w/ ball valve

    $240- Austin Area (Round Rock) - $240 - Brand new, unopened in original box. Paid $280. Have to return to Hop Craft soon, and take a loss due to shipping. Now is your chance! Seems to be sold out everywhere. It is this item (bought from this site): BrewBuilt™ 15 Gallon Brew Kettle -...