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  1. W

    For Sale Chest Freezer w/temp controller

    100$ Chest freezer 42”x 22” x 34” (LxWxH) w/ Johnson Controls A419 temp controller. A419 has never been used. The freezer is used and has dent in lid but seals perfectly. Can deliver to Milwaukee Rockford Chicago area for a fee
  2. bsomogyi

    Sold 8 Tap Keezer - Evergreen,CO ($500)

    This 14.5 cu. ft kegerator is a homebrewer's dream. Each of the 8 taps (no-stick Perlick Faucets) can be controlled at independent pressure to dial in the PSI for each brew style served. Will hold up to 8, 5 gallon kegs. Chalkboard lid to detail what's being served. Includes: 1 external...
  3. D

    What is the Proper Tubing Size?

    Hello all, hope this finds everyone enjoying a frosty pint. I'm making the change to kegging and the one thing that has me totally confused is all the different hose/tubing sizes. I've read numerous posts about what sizes should be used for serving and even gone on to the
  4. NoSleeves313

    Hello from Detroit!

    Hey, all. Just a quick hello. Been at it a couple of years now. Started in August 2019. Mostly Meads and Ciders. Good timing considering how much 2020 was spent at home. Lucky for me the missus got into too and it’s been a great hobby for us to do together. Anyway, glad to be here. Seems like...
  5. Sammy86

    Picnic Tap 2.1

    At the urging of @KeizerBrewr I decided to post about my recent purchase of The Picnic Tap 2.1 First let me say that for 25 bucks these things are well made! Very simple design, well made materials and SO EASY to use. They are literally santize and play. Here are some pics of the pours...
  6. K

    Beer Tower

    Ok this is my first Keezer build. My plan is to build a Keezer without a collar and have a beer tower instead and cut a hole in the freezer lid for the tower. I’m considering this 3” tower: Polished Stainless Steel Triple Faucet Draft Tower - 14" Tall - 3" Diameter Column - Perlick Faucets |...
  7. C

    For Sale Complete 10 Gallon Batch HERMS Electric Brewing System, Keezer & Misc Items - Bethel, CT

    **Updated as equipment is sold - check post replies for updates** The original post has been broken up since equipment has been sold off in groups and pieces. Current list below as of 4/13/23: Boil Kettle 15 gallon electric boil kettle with hop stopper stainless mesh hop/trub filter. 15 gal...
  8. The Barking Dog

    New to HomebrewTalk from Houston, TX

    Howdy y'all, Been homebrewing since Easter of 2019. I am a part of the Bay Area Mashtronauts local homebrew club. My system consists of a BIAB keggle bottom drain, Grounded Brewtech panel, and 2 counterflow chillers tubed in series. My fermentation chamber is just an old top/bottom...
  9. T

    For Sale All Grain Brew System and Keezer for sale (St. Louis)

    I'm getting out of the hobby so I am selling my Brew System (Three Vessel w/pump) and my Keezer Setup. I have inventoried all my gear and created a price list. All of the items listed are discounted 40-50% off of current retail prices for comparable products. I have calculated a price for the...
  10. Marmike600

    Mystery Co2 issue

    I have a 7 tap keezer with a secondary regulator for each tap. Last week I randomly lost an entire 5lb co2 tank. Nothing changed with the system that was not leaking at all. Only thing that changed is that the weather went cold and now the garage is cold. I have turned off all co2 to each...
  11. J

    Monitoring & Controlling Keezer/Fermentation Chamber remotely?

    I am new to homebrewing, just a handful of easy ciders and kit beers under my belt. I do have a keezer, and am building a single carboy fermentation chamber right now. The former just uses an Inkbird ITC-308 for temperature control of the big upright chest freezer. I am also admittedly a total...
  12. EricS

    For Sale 8 Tap Keezer For Sale - Wisconsin

    I am selling my 8 Tap Keezer. It needs some TLC to bring it back to its former glory, I don't have the time or desire anymore as I have downsized to a 3 tap system. I built this awhile back when I found a local bar selling the professional grade 8-tap tower. It has been sitting unused for some...
  13. teesherv

    Sold Kegerator / Keezer Parts

    So it looks like my whole keezer set up didn't sell, so maybe you just want the parts. Located in Elk Grove (just south of Sacramento), CA. I'm able to ship the CMB tap and manifold and am open to shipping the regulators without the tanks, too. Pics posted in hopefully the same order as the...
  14. teesherv

    Withdrawn 4 tap Keezer $600 / kegerator

    4 Tap Keezer - $600 Fully assembled, ready to go. I am not willing to break up; I need the space and don’t use this anymore. One quick sale is my goal. Magic Chef Freezer, built Sept 2018. 7.0 cu feet, model HMCF7W3 7.5 inch wooden collar, caulked to top, some cracking USB fan Inkbird Temp...
  15. The Brewed Palate

    For Sale Four tap keezer 4 sale

    500 OBO - pick up online in Elizabeth, NJ Built in 2015 Holds 4 corny kegs, but in its current set up can only have 3 on CO2 at a time. May need collar insulation and possibly a new interior co2 regulator in order to run more efficiently. Interior and exterior regulator included Tap...
  16. B

    For Sale 4 Tap Keezer - Michigan

    In West Michigan. Check this out for pics and for contacting me: My marketplace listing Works perfectly. Comes with everything you need to get going. Just fill with beer, plug it in, and you're good to go. -4 corny kegs (5 gal) - co2 tank, manifold, and regulator - 4 taps - temperature...
  17. Wort_Cleaver

    Sapele Keezer

    A while back I bought a bunch of rough cut Sapele boards to build a nice wine chiller credenza for my wife. As I got into that project, I just couldn't seem to keep the panels from cupping in my warm and humid workshop. So that project was scrapped. I had long been wanting to build a nice...
  18. M

    For Sale [Upstate, SC] Price Reduced - 4 Tap Keezer, 2 CO2 Tanks w/ regulators, 5 Kegs, 10 Fermenters, Accessories, Bits, Bobs for Sale - Sold

    Photo Gallery Link Sold Thanks all. --Price Reduced-- Looking for $1,000 for everything (OBO), and would like to get rid of it all at once, but I am amenable to offers. I have already sold the brewing equipment, but had to wait for my kegs to empty to sell these items. I have some people who...
  19. T

    Looking for a temperature probe collar pass through solution

    I'm planning a keezer collar and I wanted to know if anyone has come across any more elegant solutions to running the temperature probe through the collar than just drilling a hole or just running under the gasket. I will be attempting to ferment and serve in the same keezer so I plan on...
  20. A

    Sold Custom Keezer/Kegerator - Northeast Ohio

    For sale - $1,000 keezer I made. Stained cedar On casters 4 Perlick Taps, expandable to 6 I have new liquid tubes and fittings included Includes 2 ball lock corns and a steel CO2 tank Includes one commercial keg post I have two 2.5 torpedos I can add for $45 ea