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  1. A

    Sold Custom Keezer/Kegerator - Northeast Ohio

    For sale - $1,000 keezer I made. Stained cedar On casters 4 Perlick Taps, expandable to 6 I have new liquid tubes and fittings included Includes 2 ball lock corns and a steel CO2 tank Includes one commercial keg post I have two 2.5 torpedos I can add for $45 ea
  2. Bender

    New Jersey 5 keg Keezer

    $500 The Keezer holds three 5 gallon and two 3 gal ball lock corny kegs. An easily cleaned drip tray is included. Each beverage line has 10' of beer tubing which have been cleaned with BLC, Starsan and rinsed with clear water. Each gas line and a dual gauge CO2 regulator are connected to a 5...
  3. AntDoctor

    Heating a keezer/fermentation chamber: best options?

    I am using my custom-made keezer as a temperature-controlled fermentation chamber, at least during the holidays. I was checking the temp while I was away (it sends the temperature info to a server via the Wi-Fi) and I noticed that it wasn't oscillating or even reaching the minimum temperature I...
  4. slowloris

    Small Keezer Build (3.5cu.ft)

    I built a small keezer from a 3.5cu.ft freezer. It is snug, but can fit two ball lock kegs and a 5lb CO2 tank inside. The collar is 9" tall for keg clearance and lined with 2 layers of foam board insulation. Made a small wooden platform to fill the 7" gap next to the compressor bump. The total...
  5. P

    European style faucets - how to connect to standard shank?

    Hello all, I am hoping to tap into the collective knowledge (pun intended) for this issue I am having with my keezer build: I picked up several Celli european style faucets, and the flow control mechanism ends in an elongated cone (I am attaching photos). With this cone I am having trouble...
  6. K

    Virginia Woodbridge - Keezer, Keg, and Equipment

    Selling my single tap tower Keezer along with stuff listed below. Everything is in good condition, just looking to get out of the hobby and let someone else get some joy out of this stuff! If you can pick it all up, its yours for $400 -Intertap Forward Sealing Faucet -Plastic and Stainless...
  7. AntDoctor

    Keezer cycling question

    I know this seems to get brought up all the time, but I'm worried my homemade keezer is cycling too often. I think it's a 5 or 7 cu ft freezer, without any external modifications (I just ran two wires in under the lid and gasket). I'm using a temperature probe that's hanging and measuring the...
  8. Bob Mar

    Extra Large Deep Freezer Ready for Kegerator Conversion

    Large style deep freezer, deep enough for 20lb CO2 tank, 5 Gal. Soda Kegs, and Industrial Kegs to fit with their attachments. Started as a project that never came to fruition. Debated adding a wooden collar to give it additional room but it honestly doesn't need it. Kit includes: Deep Freezer...
  9. AntDoctor

    From wort to serving: What are the disadvantages of this lazy brewing setup?

    As I lay awake last night, insomnia running wild, I spent a long time thinking about the laziest (and cheapest) brewing setup that I could possibly imagine. It's not quite automated, but it does remove most of the headaches I experience post-boil. Let me hear your thoughts on this possible...
  10. T

    7-Tap Coffin Keezer (Macungie, PA 18062 Pickup Only)

    For Sale: Custom built 7-Tap Keezer PICK-UP ONLY in Macungie, PA 18062 Email me with questions - [email protected] Asking $3,200 Cash (or credit card w/ 4% fee) – No Trades Price drop 7/24/20 - $2,750 First, let me start by saying that when I built this, I never intended on selling it. It...
  11. E

    Keezer temperature controller considerations for longest life

    So right now my keezer uses an inkbird single stage temp controller. The probe is in a glass of water on the hump portion of the inside of the keezer and I have the temp set to 39F with a 2deg differential so it kicks on at 41F and kicks off at 39F when it cools back down to this temp and the...
  12. L

    Chest Freezer Conversion - Los Angeles Area

    I'm selling my chest freezer kegerator (keezer). I had a great time putting it together, but I need to make room for a desk and it's time to downsize. It's a ~10 cu ft chest freezer with a wood collar, four Perlick faucets, Ranco controller, and simple 4 line gas manifold. I'm throwing in the...
  13. S

    Low flow from Intertap faucet

    Hello everyone, in my keezer I’ve had two 5g corny kegs stored at 36°F, 10’ of 3/16” ID beer line hose and 12 psi. I was using picnic faucets to serve and was getting good flow, nice head, etc. Now today I replaced the picnic faucet with a Intertap stainless faucet and am getting next to no...
  14. M

    So You Want to Build A Keezer

    It’s time; your brewing has advanced to kegging beer, and you need a way to chill and dispense those kegs. You have some options, including making a kegerator out of a small refrigerator or a larger kegerator from an upright refrigerator, or...a keezer. A keezer (kegerator/freezer) is usually a...
  15. K

    The Manfish Keezer Build

    If you are anything like me, once you are satisfied with the quality of the beer you are brewing, you will want to have a nice place where you can serve it to your to friends and family. Eventually I decided to build a bar so we could all sit together and enjoy the fruits of my labor. But as...
  16. J

    The "Greatest Hits" Keezer Build

    Here's my version of a Keezer. Before starting the build I spent several weeks sifting through all the various keezer build write-ups here and elsewhere on the the web and selected the features that made the most sense to me. A couple of things I've put my own spin on but you won't see anything...
  17. G

    Is your Keezer Killing your Wallet?

    I have noticed a lot of people that are building Keezers from chest freezers are building some very nice Boxes, or as some people call them Coffins, around their chest Freezers. These are some very impressive Keezers! If done correctly this will be no problem, but if the box/coffin is built too...
  18. M

    DIY Kegerator: Moving Beyond Functionality

    This post is addressed to us brewers who are looking to fully integrate kegerators into our homes and move past the beer fridge / keezer aesthetic. I set out to convert a piece of furniture (any piece that struck my fancy) into a kegerator. A good looking final product was key to my significant...
  19. M

    DIY Kegerator: Moving Beyond Functionality

    This post is addressed to us brewers who are looking to fully integrate kegerators into our homes and move past the beer fridge / keezer aesthetic. I set out to convert a piece of furniture (any piece that struck my fancy) into a kegerator. A good looking final product was key to my significant...
  20. S

    Can't stop condensation from pooling up

    I'm running a 5.0 cubic feet Magic Chef keezer with 2x6s for a collar so I can get an additional keg on the ledge. I cut the corners at 45 degrees and sealed off the collar with caulk, weather stripping, etc etc. I have two recirculation fans and a bag of Damp Rid and within 2 hours of starting...