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  1. SimplyBeginning

    For Sale 20-gallon Spike+ Electric Brew System (HERMS)

    20-gallon 3-vessel HERMS system used as our brewery pilot system. Owned for about 5 years, but only used a few times a year and has just sat in storage for the past year or so, as we're doing all of our pilot batches on our 3-bbl system now. Still in great shape, though a bit dusty. Uses a...
  2. K

    For Sale Spike Flex+ stainless fermenter and sample valve (CT/NYC area)

    Selling my Spike Flex+ since I recently got a new jacketed conical. Bought in early 2023 and used for probably 3 or 4 batches. All the parts are pretty much as-new but unfortunately I finally threw the box out literally just a month ago :( Also I never used the stick-on thermometer which I...
  3. Benman37

    For Sale EUGENE, OR - Complete Stainless All-Grain Brewing Setup - $800

    I have an entire stainless steel system for homebrewing all-grain beer made by SS Brewtech, Blichmann Engineering, Bayou Classic, Fermentap, etc. Unfortunately I need to part with my system for personal reasons. This whole setup has everything you need to brew from scratch from start to finish...
  4. apache_brew

    DIY sankey "Kegmenter"

    My original plan was to build a conical from a sankey keg, however since I got used to fermenting in regular sankeys with a floating dip tube, the lure or the conical dump has faded away. I've also switched over to dry yeast (500g bricks) and brew much less frequently so I have no desire to...
  5. S

    Texas For Sale: 15 Gallon 3 Vessel Pilot System

    Brewha 15 gallon HLT, Tun, and Kettle. This is a well tuned setup. HERMS Coil for HLT High or low screen for Tun allows for direct fire (via element) in Tun Kettle is double wall w/ fluid channel to allow for no contact chill during whirlpool March Pumps All Cam Lock $2250 for kettles and...
  6. Foam Stand

    Sold 8 Faucet Stainless Wall Mount Drip Tray - $120

    Used 8 faucet stainless wall mount drip tray. I'm unsure of the brand but the dimensions are similar to MicroMatic's version selling for $295. Micro Matic 8 Faucet Drip Tray Centered 1/2" N.P.T. drain pipe H - 14" W - 24" D - 6" Located in Phoenix, AZ. Willing to ship - buyer pays shipping.
  7. Foam Stand

    Sold Triclover Stainless Coil - Chiller $50

    I am selling a triclover stainless coil. Coil is 6" wide by 9" tall with a 1/4" bore. I used this as an immersion pre-chiller. Total width 10" Total height 19" Located in Phoenix, AZ. Willing to ship - buyer pays shipping.
  8. farmskis

    Georgia $500 Electric Brewery HERMS, Fermentation, Kegs, Carboys etc.

    I am downsizing my house and just no room or time for this hobby so I am selling my brewing equipment. I built it from the ground up by referencing the “electric brewery site”. I do not have pictures as it is in storage from moving. It is in excellent shape. Includes: 3 ss kettles- not sure on...
  9. cushdan

    For Sale 15 gallon stainless steel kettle w/valve + thermometer (central CT)

    $200 would like to sell locally 15 gallon stainless steel kettle/pot Ball valve blichmann thermometer Thick Polarware pot original owner, very good condition and very solid pot location: west hartford, CT
  10. M

    FS: Talos 4 tap beer tower new

    I bought this hoping to build a keezer under a bar but I think that may be a ways away still. Hoping to sell for $260 + shipping. Local pickup would be preferred but there aren’t a ton of brewers in Utah ha. I’ll add photos shortly!
  11. tidesmatt

    Half Barrel 15.5 Gallon Sanke Keg with Custom Fitted NorCal Brewing Ultimate Fermenter Kit - $250

    For sale is a half barrel 15.5 gallon Sanke Keg as well as a Custom fitting NorCal Brewing Ultimate Cross Fermenter Kit. The keg itself is an older, AB keg and is in solid condition. Outside is as shown in pictures, but the inside is clean and in solid shape. The fermenter kit turns this keg...
  12. sharp6

    For Sale $450 obo Elkay VH-42 42x42 Stainless Hood

    $450 obo Elkay stainless hood vh-42. 42x42 stainless hood. Never used, local pickup or will meet someone within a a reasonable distance Will ship if buyer pays for it. Bought the hood a while ago and never used it. This hood is selling for over $1300 dollars on Amazon. Located 30 minutes...
  13. kondi

    brown scratches on stainless

    I am using a BIABasket in my 304 SS brewing kettle and I realized that taking the basket in and out makes lot of scratches on the inner surfaces of the kettle. As I read, usually a few small scratches are OK, but I have a mark that is a bit deeper and it has a brownish tint. I am afraid it is...
  14. U

    Illinois Various Electric Brewing and Stainless Fittings - $200

    I have a lot of fittings and other pieces of brewing equipment for sale. Electric Brewing parts: - (3) 6 ft cable, New (2 red, 1 orange), comes with a 3-pin disconnect at the probe end and a 3-pin female XLR connector at the control panel end - $35/each - 8ft cable, New (blue), comes with a...
  15. S

    9 Gallon Direct Fire Hot Liquor Tank with Herms Coil and Sight Glass

    9 gallon direct fire hot liquor tank with Herms coil and sight glass. This tank is has the obsolete style of HERMS coil which has a small diameter and less BTU exchange than the new model. It has minimal scratches on bottom(shown in pictures). Located in the Portland, OR area. Can be picked up...
  16. bkboiler

    Stainless Mug Makes My Beer Go Flat

    Just got a new Stanley vacuum insulated stainless "stein". Really great mug: plenty large, keeps things cold for a REALLY long time, durable, dishwasher safe... But one thing, the surface roughness inside the cup is so high my BEER GOES FLAT really fast! Anybody else experience this or is it...
  17. NautiDogBrewingCo.

    Michigan Last Straw Stainless Steel Bottle Filler

    SOLD Last Straw Stainless Steel Bottle Filler. New. Never been used. What you see is what you get. $50 shipped. $40 local pick up.
  18. DMA

    18gal or 1/2 bbl stainless conical fermenters

    Looking for 18 gal or 1/2 bbl fermenterstainless conicals. Preferably with heating/cooling systems, but not required.
  19. C

    Vermont Selling everything for all grain brewing

    I stopped brewing a few years ago. Selling everything I have. Everything was purchased new and is in like new condition. Located in Bethel, Vermont. At this time I want to deal local only. No shipping. I can provide more pictures. Bayou Classic 10 gallon, Stainless Kettle with...
  20. ThunderKhajiit

    10 gal all grain equipment- keggle, mash tun, fermentors, pump, cfc

    SF south bay area/monterey bay. Keggle with valve-$40 Inverted rubber-coated keg mash tun, with standard dome false bottom-$50 1/2bbl keg used as fermenter for 10gal batches- $30 1/4bbl keg used as fermenter for 5 gal batches- $30 Ball lock tri-clover adapter, used to convert kegs to...