Removing Chlorine

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Vorsicht709 said:
Can anyone tell me how much campden to add to 23 litres of beer?? As well I add them to the water before fermentation right??
One-half a tablet is a typical amount. You can add a whole tablet, too, if you don't want to cut one in half -- the full amount won't hurt a thing.

Just be sure to crush it up REALLY fine before you add it to the water.
just how much chlorine are we talking about? and is it really chlorine? or is it chloramine?

chlorine will evaporate during the boil...but chloramine will not.

my water contains some chloramine, and I've never treated it. my beer tastes great.
if it doesn't smell like pool water, I'm not sure I'd worry about it, unless your previous beers did taste bad/medicinal/plasticy/band-aid like.