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Some of them are part of my personal growth as a beer drinker...
Growing up in Appalachia, Bud was synonymous with beer.

Sam Adams was my 1st discovery of flavors other than the
corn/rice of American light lager.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale taught me that some hop bitterness
could be OK with a balanced malt backbone (and APA
remains one of my favorite styles)

And Pliny taught me that hops was more than bitterness...

I've had (and enjoyed) some of the other on list as well, but
those are the standouts that mark profound shifts in my
enjoyment of beer.
I'm wondering what it means about me that I see alcoholized SunnyD on the shelves now. Is it because the youth that grew up with the ceaseless SunnyD ads, for something only a gnat's a $ $ away from being Tang, is now old enough to drink?

But I have no issue with the premade Jack & Coke.

I ponder these things.
Earlier, after I got home from the store I put away the groceries I bought and took the empty plastic bags out to the garage. I put them in a larger plastic bag with the other bags I've collected. I probably won't ever do anything with these 45 bags, yet here they sit. In my garage. Taking up space.
Every month I ponder why our club meetings are on a Wednesday night.

Then through a little fog I recall some Saturday night meetings that involved pickled fish, cigars, trolling Craigslist guys offering free nude photoshoots, and seeing the dawning of a new day.

Yeah - Wednesdays are an excellent choice.
Still have the old Vivitar and Olympus OM2 that as a youngun slapped a Spiratone400 on and strapped to my 6" Newtonian.
Sharpies have caps, as do most highlighters.

& I have a Minolta SR-T 101 right here
Sharpies and highlighters are markers- not the same. I am sure that pens with caps are still out there too, but our purchasing team stop buying them years ago when the cheap "click" pens came within a few cents each. I have not used or seen with a cap on a pen in a long time.

Personally, I miss film cameras. Took a few photograghy classes as art electives. Included working in the dark room to develop the photos. Yes they are still out and in use too, but they are no longer the standard and much more of a niche like vinyl records.
Our warehouse is one of the main distribution points for the US of one of the brands mentioned above and I can tell you that most of their product is not film based. They are far more focused on the optics side of things and we probably have far more binoculars and monoculars (and lenses, soooooo many lenses) than any camera body (film or digital).
an instrument for writing or drawing with ink

a felt-tip pen with a broad tip.

which definition fits this PEN?

Here on the Wild West streets of Western Mass, where coyotes roam and Dodge Ram Tyrannosaurus Gargantucabs drive like every molecule on Earth other than them are the most heinous form of road cholesterol they have EVER had the severe and unmitigated gall to have to endure and WHY DONT THEY GET THE F*$& OUT OF MY WAY ALREADY, and bicycles are an abomination to be eradicated with extreme prejudice, this would never stand.


"Drivers don’t need to go faster than 20 mph on most city streets"
Grog’s Rules for Food™ #12 - worry about what's on your own plate, because IDGAF what it is. return the courtesy.

applies to just about everything, doesn't it?

what's in your driveway, for example
Grog’s Rules for Food™ #12 - worry about what's on your own plate, because IDGAF what it is. return the courtesy.

applies to just about everything, doesn't it?

what's in your driveway, for example
I tried to claim use of this rule once when I took my plate of pickled northern pike and half a smoked pheasant and sat next to my very pregnant sister.

Needless to say, I got thwacked numerous times before I could even cite relevant case law.
Hearing a pretty cool tune.

Android phone, I long press the middle button & ask, "hey google, what's this song?"

Google's response: to find the name of a song, long press the middle button & ask "hey google, what's this song?"

Me: we are NOT playing that ****!
I loved the joke reel of someone saying "Hey Alexa, what's the weather?" and the response from the person's iPhone was Siri saying "Who's Alexa?" so the person asks, "Hey Siri, what's the weather?" and Siri responded "why don't you go ask that *itch Alexa?"

I laughed out loud.

Then Alexa laughed out loud.

Then my iPhone dinged and Siri said "What is it you want to know?"
Not really a drunken thought or rambling, but a poem I wrote this morning for a very dear friend that passed unexpectedly (who ever expects it, I want to know) last month. He and his wife were staunch Irish Catholics, she's actually a teacher at a Catholic school, he went to Bellarmine Prep and Gonzaga, both excellent Catholic schools. So I thought it would be nice to translate it. The first line is a cheeky reference to two of his favorite songs, Cause I Got High and Low by FloRida. We're going to his celebration of life later today and it's going to be difficult. So, enjoy.

Be it High, be it Low,
In many years or tomorrow;
We’ll meet again,
My dearest friend,
And get past today’s sorrow.

Bíodh sé Ard, bíodh sé Íseal,
I mblianta fada nó amárach;
Buailfimid le chéile arís,
Mo chara dearest,
Agus a fháil anuas ar brón an lae inniu.
"Low down southern whiskey yeah began to fog my mind" and "Some kind of man he can't do anything, wrong, if I see him I'll tell him you're waiting". good ol Loel George, he knew his stuff you know?
it's the love, hate relationship with yeast. w/out yeast, there'd be no booze...

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