New glycol chiller build (building for use outside with fermentation vessels outside)

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Aug 30, 2016
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I'm am starting on my build for my next project a glycol chiller controlled by craftbeerpi! Just finished my brew controller build this one should be easier. I'll be using a portable everstar a.c. Unit @ 11000 btu (a little bigger than I wanted I was hoping to stay under 10 amps this is 12 amps. I'll be enclosing the cooler w/glycol, and half the ac unit and the controller in a suncast 50gal deckbox this seemed renter cheapest/best way for an outdoor box. I need some help trying to figure how to wire the ac unit to bypass the thermostat so I can use my own. I guess I could just wire up the fan and compressor to power. I would be by passing a lot of components that are unnecessary but I'm not sure if I'm leaving something out doing that? Is anything else is needed besides a compressor and the fan for most setups??? Does anyone know thiss? I'll post some pics when I have access to the ac's wiring panel