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  1. J

    Sold JaDeD Brewing King Cobra Immersion Wort Chiller (Price Reduced Again!)

    Up for sale is a gently used JaDeD Brewing King Cobra wort chiller. This is the 20” to bend model and has a 14” diameter. I’ve moved on to a counterflow chiller and no longer have a need for this one. To buy this new, it would be over $200 with tax and shipping. I’m asking $80 plus shipping...
  2. BrewStateCollege

    Help! DIY Chiller Not Working

    I have a lager (Oktoberfest) fermenting now (my first ever lager), only on about day three and found that the frozen water jug swapping was not efficient or convenient. I found a hand-me-down window AC unit and did as many others have; took the thing apart, jumped the thermostat, and curled the...
  3. jordanpace

    Sold Penguin 1/2 HP Glycol Chiller - DFW/North East Texas

    I have a 1/2 HP Glycol Chiller from Penguin Chillers for sale. It was used for 18 months and comes with 4 pumps. Plumbing is also included if buyers wants (silicon tubing). I am asking $750 for the chiller and pumps.
  4. U

    For Sale Grainfather Counterflow Chiller

    Grainfather counterflow chiller. It does not have any fittings other than the screw fitting for the recirc pipe. $110 or best offer
  5. P

    For Sale 10g System (together or part out) - San Diego CA

    Selling my full 10 gallon system because I don’t have time to use it. Most items are several years old, but were used only a couple batches because I ran out of time to brew shortly after upgrading. For now, this is all pickup only in San Diego north county. I tried to price everything at...
  6. polarbearbrewing

    Ohio Homebrewing and Winemaking equipment lot for sale

    Hey everyone, I haven't brewed for several years and with a baby on the way, need the space more than the gear. Selling as a lot, buyer must take all. Steeply discounted for a quick sale. Located in Columbus, OH area Included items 10 gallon stainless steel, insulated brew/boiling kettle with...
  7. J

    North Carolina Exchilerator Brutus Pro CFC for sale/trade for jaded/cuss immersion chiller

    Hi all, I have a Brutus Pro counterflow chiller from Exchilerator in like nearly perfect shape. I bought it and realized it's a bit more than I need. See details here: Brutus Pro Counterflow Wort Chiller | Exchilerator Ideally, I'd trade for a Jaded Scilla or CUSS All-in-one, since my future...
  8. B

    Immersion Chiller on Stilts

    Just received an email from MoreBeer about their Daylight Savings sale (promo code DS15) featuring their version of an immersion chiller. They moved "the coils right to the top" because "In a traditional wort chiller, the coils rest on the bottom of the pot and the hot wort on top takes a very...
  9. S

    $150 Counterflow Chiller, Pump, high temp hoses

    Homemade counter flow chiller along with high temp pump, silicone hosing and stainless quick connects. Also have some additonal valves and such available happy to discuss if you’d like to include with chiller and such. Chiller is made from a hot water hose on the outside, copper tubing and...
  10. 10ACbrew

    Counterflow Chiller Questions

    Hi, I recently switched to a counterflow chiller from IC. I use a March pump located on the bottom of my brew stand which goes to the CFC which is positioned on the stand with wort out at same level as Whirlpool port on kettle. So, the cycle is Kettle to Pump to CFC back to Whirlpool arm of...
  11. mattrmiller

    SSBrewtech Glycol Chiller | 1/5hp

    We are in the process of upgrading to a 1 BBL brewery, so we are selling some of our gear. Our gear is taken care of, and is in absolute like new condition. The Ss Glycol Chiller | 1/5 HP, which will maintain lager temps and enable crash cooling for up to 3 vessels even in relatively high...
  12. S

    DIY Temp Control for Fermenter

    Hi, I’m fairly new to homebrewing Through reading, I’ve come to learn how crucial temperature control during fermentation can be. With this said, I would like to attempt to build a DIY temp control setup and have an idea that I was going to attempt but wanted to first get some input as to...
  13. B

    Copper / Copper Counter-flow Chiller $120 Shipped

    Counter-flow chiller. This thing is a beast with copper on both the wort and water sides for most efficient heat exchange. Garden hose fittings on water side with 1/2" npt on wort in and smooth tube for connecting wort out hose to your fermentor. $120 shipped to Continental US.
  14. A

    Counterflow chiller

    25' cf chiller using 3/8" copper and rubber hose. Never used. I made it from a leftover roll of copper. Needs to have ends put on it. It'll save you the work of pulling copper though the hose and coiling. $30 + Shipping.
  15. K

    Blichmann Glycol Chiller

    I gave the Blichmann Glycol Chiller a try and I am very disappointed. After having to cut bolts to get the wheels to rotate, I let it sit again and then powered it on... only to find out that it is DOA. The controller indicates that everything is normal but it does not run longer than three...
  16. R

    Help with calculations for counterflow chiller

    Hello everyone! Hope everything is going well. So i have been trying to design a counterflow chiller that can cool 15 gallons of boiling wort to yeast pitching temperatures (around 16 degrees celsius or 60.8F) in as little time as possible. What i am trying to figure out is how long the chiller...
  17. J

    Building A Copper Wort Chiller

    Building A Copper Wort Chiller Purpose: Well as we all know, needing to chill your wort fast and efficiently is of utmost importance. I've been brewing for a while now and until recently I did not think I would ever need an immersion chiller. Well was I wrong. Now that I created this wonderful...
  18. tone_s

    DIY Cost-Effective Immersion Wort Chiller

    The following steps are how I made a immersion chiller for cooling my brew fast for pitching yeast. No need to to pay $100 bucks. Things you will need: Standard head screw driver 25' 3/8" copper tubing (some use 50' and you would follow the same steps) 4 hose clamps 3/8" ID clear plastic hose...
  19. EnVinoVeritas

    DIY Wort Chiller For Hot Weather

    Living in Phoenix - the Valley of the Sun - I was confronted with the problem of a good way to chill my wort. With tap water coming out of the faucet VERY WARM, many of the standard methods didn't work. After much consternation, I came up with a method that has served me very well. All you need...
  20. tone_s

    DIY Cost-Effective Immersion Wort Chiller

    The following steps are how I made a immersion chiller for cooling my brew fast for pitching yeast. No need to to pay $100 bucks. Things you will need: Standard head screw driver 25' 3/8" copper tubing (some use 50' and you would follow the same steps) 4 hose clamps 3/8" ID clear plastic hose...