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  1. BayerischBier

    Glycol options? AC vs. freezer G-loop?

    So here is a thought for food uhm brews. I have done years of fermentation temp control with fridges, pink foam boxes and dorm fridge, 5 cuft freezers etc.... pending on life stages, housing, and the state. And used i.e. that setup for both, fermentation and then kegging. Getting back to...
  2. R

    Grainfather Glycol Chiller Question

    Good Morning! Wanted to get some opinions here or if anyone has experience. Bought my grainfather glycol chiller in 2021 and did a brew with it. Worked amazing, love it. However, for many circumstances (I.e. work, getting married, etc) I haven’t brewed since spring 2021. The chiller has been...
  3. V

    For Sale Conical glycol chilled fermenters

    For sale 2 20 gallon glycol chilled fermenters. Located in northwest Chicago. Please see OfferUp listing for more details. Asking $450 Check out this item on OfferUp.
  4. J

    Sold SS Brewtech 14g Unitank with FTSs heating and cooling

    I have a 14 gallon SS Brewtech Unitank with the FTSs heating and cooling package. It’s in great shape, getting rid of some things due to health issues. Got to cut back on brewing and drinking. $1000 firm. I’m in the Northwest Georgia/Chattanooga Tennessee area. Local pick up only. Ps. I also...
  5. jordanpace

    Sold Penguin 1/2 HP Glycol Chiller - DFW/North East Texas

    I have a 1/2 HP Glycol Chiller from Penguin Chillers for sale. It was used for 18 months and comes with 4 pumps. Plumbing is also included if buyers wants (silicon tubing). I am asking $750 for the chiller and pumps.
  6. Beer:30

    Handling glycol in cooling coil

    I’m constructing a window AC based glycol chiller, and had a few questions for the group regarding hardware and process for avoiding glycol spillage since this is new to me. I ferment in conicals and will be adding a blichmann cooling coil to each. What do yall use for quick connects to...
  7. mattrmiller

    SSBrewtech Glycol Chiller | 1/5hp

    We are in the process of upgrading to a 1 BBL brewery, so we are selling some of our gear. Our gear is taken care of, and is in absolute like new condition. The Ss Glycol Chiller | 1/5 HP, which will maintain lager temps and enable crash cooling for up to 3 vessels even in relatively high...
  8. jordanpace

    Two 15 Gallon Glycol Jacked Fermentors - Near Dallas, TX

    I am selling two fermentors. Both are jacketed 15 gallon capacity glycol fermentors. First fermentor is from Brewers Hardware. It was purchased in 2017, and has been maintained...
  9. B

    glycol chiller for fermentation temp control

    I'm looking to build a fermentation temperature controller and would like some thoughts. I brew mostly high gravity Stouts, porters, and Belgian ales. I have been using a chest freezer as a fermentation chamber but I only brew one 5 gal batch at a time so I want to go with something smaller. I'm...
  10. K

    Blichmann Glycol Chiller

    I gave the Blichmann Glycol Chiller a try and I am very disappointed. After having to cut bolts to get the wheels to rotate, I let it sit again and then powered it on... only to find out that it is DOA. The controller indicates that everything is normal but it does not run longer than three...
  11. O

    Where to purchase

    Hi All, Picked up a Glycol chiller ~1.5 months used from another home brewer. He only used it twice but it is now about a year old. I feel it is time to change out the gylcol. I search this forum a bit for purchasing glycol but haven't found a "recent" thread. Just wondering where...
  12. T

    New York Stasis Glycol Chiller

    I bought a Stasis Glycol Chiller off their kickstarter, and while the unit works pretty well it also happens to be way too loud for my NYC apartment. It's basically brand new - I've only used it for doing a "test chill" of 5 gallons of water. $550 + Shipping. Includes the glycol chiller...
  13. P

    Commercial Glycol Line Chiller use with Conical

    Hey, I have a Morebeer 14 gallon conical with temperature control, but it just has a peltier chiller. I have since purchased a UBC glycol chiller. I plan on adding some sort of Chiller coil. The wife doesn't want a conical in her living room, so this is a necessity if its going to be in the...
  14. airbornespoon

    Cheep Glycol Chiller

    So I want a chiller that will allow me to cold crash my 5 gallon batches of beer in my grainfather conical fermenter. I was just putting the whole thing in my fridge after it was done but that fridge is gone and it was a pain in the ass anyway. I have been looking for a glycol chiller for a...
  15. effeffe

    Immersion coil vs jacket

    I am considering stainless steel conicals for common homebrewing sizes, say in the 5-20 gal range; some use immersion cooling coils (like Ss Brewtech and Spike Brewing) and some are jacketed (like Glacier, Stout, and Brewers Hardware). At these sizes, what are the differences? Besides price...
  16. S

    Trunk Line Chiller DIY Help Needed

    Hey guys. I am looking to hear from some people with experience in using trunk line with a DYI or store bought unit glycol cooler. OR, if you know how to figure the math on a unit for DIY. So I have a "portable" AC unit that I took apart. It is rated for 9000BTU, but my understanding is these...
  17. Nate R

    Thoughts on best glycol chiller: SS Brewtech vs. Penguin vs. Any others? (Not diy)

    Hello all. Looking for a glycol chiller. Decided to spend the $ and not go diy. As far as i can tell, there are 3 basic models under a grand: ss brewtech 1/5 hp, penguim 1/3 hp, and the icemaster 100 brewbuilt brand available here in the us at morebeer. Other than prices, what are some pros...
  18. TobyG32

    For Those With Glycol Chillers/FTSS

    So, I just completed my first fermentation with my new glycol chiller and FTSS setup for 7 gallon Brew Buckets, and have a question for those with similar setups. What is your process for disconnecting the glycol lines from the hose barbs/getting glycol out of the chiller coil without losing a...
  19. JSBULL

    Fermentation or Pressure Change?

    I have a new Spike 15 gallon conical with a glycol chiller attached. It resides in my Arkansas garage, which is about 85-90 degrees at the moment. Therefore, there is a cycle occuring where the temp goes from 74 to 76 to 74 to 76 etc. I've done two SG tests on my recent brew (berliner) a...
  20. dragonspeedster

    Brewing Equipment Sell-Off Part 2 - Brutus 10 System too !

    As promised here is some more items.... reasonable offers considered for each item or buy it all 8 Ball Locks kegs $ 45 each 5 Pin lock kegs $ 35 each 2 - 13 gallon fermenters $ 35 each 3 - 5 gallon glass carboys $ 20 each 1 - Submersion wort chiller $ 20 2 - Perlick Dual Gas...