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  1. VikingBrewer

    Airbrush Compressor vs Fish Pump

    I have just put together an aeration system with a Tetra 10 air pump a 2 micron sani-filter and 2 micron stone. I started to wonder what about using my airbrush compressor instead of the Tetra pump. What would be the pros/cons? What PSI setting should I use?
  2. Daveed1025

    Kegerator hot to touch but cold inside.

    I got a used Kegerator yesterday. Plugged it in today and left it for about an hour or so. I went out to check it and noticed the top and sides were very warm to the touch..bordering on hot to the touch. The compressor was also really hot. I also noticed the one of the refrigerant lines in the...
  3. K

    New glycol chiller build (building for use outside with fermentation vessels outside)

    I'm am starting on my build for my next project a glycol chiller controlled by craftbeerpi! Just finished my brew controller build this one should be easier. I'll be using a portable everstar a.c. Unit @ 11000 btu (a little bigger than I wanted I was hoping to stay under 10 amps this is 12 amps...