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  1. H

    New Hood Setup!

    Good evening, Thought I'd post a pic of my sweet new hood. Trying to up my brewing game and I couldn't afford a custom or any other stainless hood. The beautiful piece of engineering in the picture is above my Anvil electric kettle. I have yet to do a boil test but the fan seems to evacuate a...
  2. BrewStateCollege

    Help! DIY Chiller Not Working

    I have a lager (Oktoberfest) fermenting now (my first ever lager), only on about day three and found that the frozen water jug swapping was not efficient or convenient. I found a hand-me-down window AC unit and did as many others have; took the thing apart, jumped the thermostat, and curled the...
  3. J

    Ball Lock Air Lock for kegs

    Here is a quick, easy and cheap way to make Ball Lock airlocks. I got this idea from Trong at Home Brew Labs. He creates great gadgets for home brewing, like Spundit 2.0
  4. D

    remote pressure monitoring

    this is my first post and I would like to give back a little to this forum for all the help it has given me. does anyone else have the same problem as I had? having gone into pressure fermentation and finding it very advantageous I was concerned with monitoring my pressure, my fermentation...
  5. J

    Wanted SwissFlow SF800 for RaspberryPints - Wanted

    Looking for 6 SwissFlow SF800 flowmeters. I am planning a keezer build, and want to integrate RasberryPints into this project. Anyone have any available? I am posting from Canada.
  6. B

    FastFerment DIY stand

    Hello! I recently bought a 7.9Gal FastFerment and was wondering how everyone has theirs mounted I did not the stand as it doesn’t seem sturdy and the reviews say it’s difficult to transport. It came with wall mounts but I can’t really see how that’s practical. I saw this design online and it...
  7. ZBrewHaus

    Making your own yeast starter

    Has anyone tried to make their own yeast starter in a large batch and store it, similar to the propper starter cans? I’m guessing it’s just wort in a can with a little CO2 to prevent it from going stale. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!! Cheers!
  8. H

    Solutions for leaking DIY mash tun

    I tried to make a DIY mash tun from a rectangular plastic picnic basket. I made the hole but realized the wall is too thick to fit the nut and washer. I was only able to fit the rubber ring and bazooka screen adapter. The ring certainly has a bigger diameter than the adapter. The outside looks...
  9. Julian Høstan Urrea

    DIY Magnetic Stirrer by SmallSpacesBrewing

    Hey guys. Ive just posted a video on how to make your own Magnetic Stirrer. Hope you'll check it out. If you have any questions, ask here or please comment below video. And of course like and subscribe
  10. Beerwildered

    IceMaster Max - Adding Heat - Step by Step

    I recently received my IceMaster Max 4 glycol chiller. I upgraded from an older Ss Brewtech 1/5hp chiller for lots of reasons - not the least of which was the reservoir size, pre-installed pumps, higher HP, and the possibility of cleaning up a number of electrical cords from my brew space by...
  11. theothermillion

    Crawl Space Fermentation Chamber Build

    After spending a good month trying to decide where I wanted to build out a fermentation chamber, I decided on the roomy section of my crawlspace. All the wood I'm using is re-purposed from shelving ripped out at work to save on costs. I started with mounting the back braces to the wall with...
  12. BeBetterBrewing

    DIY Fermentation Station

    Ability to hold 3 fermenters. Temp pretty controlled in the basement during winter. what do you think?
  13. P

    Trap Door Keezer

    My first thread, apologies if formats or pics get messed up. Here is my version of a trap door or split door keezer. Background: I went through a couple design iterations starting with the standard coffin keezer and keezer collar designs, but they didnt fit what I wanted/needed. I dont want...
  14. luis.salas

    Ideas on a bottling bucket

    I’m making my own bottling bucket and I was guessing if it would be better to put a valve in the bottom of the bucket instead of a spigot and a dip tube on the lower part of it. Obviously, I’m trying to minimize losses when bottling. Does anyone has any idea or experience with this? Thanks!
  15. Steven Sinclair

    3 Vessel 16 Gallon Configuration

    So, I inherited, then modified this system. It came to me with three 16 gallon vessels, each with two ports near the bottom; the higher of the two for a physical analog thermometer and the lower for a ball valve. I added 240v 5500w ripple elements via 1-1/2" tri-clamp bulkheads, HERMS coils...
  16. R

    Help with calculations for counterflow chiller

    Hello everyone! Hope everything is going well. So i have been trying to design a counterflow chiller that can cool 15 gallons of boiling wort to yeast pitching temperatures (around 16 degrees celsius or 60.8F) in as little time as possible. What i am trying to figure out is how long the chiller...
  17. S

    Long-Term Jockey Box project?

    Make the first post a doozie, eh? Here's a project I'm about to pull the trigger on, but thought I'd ask the experts first. I'll start with an introduction: So I've been lurking on this forum for a while, and enjoying the wisdom and experience on the forum. I'd brewed for a number of years...
  18. lashack

    Goodbye Swamp Cooler, Hello Fermentation Chamber

    I posted in DIY but I wanted to ensure others knew about the build and/or first-timers with fermentation chambers. Shoot me some suggestions for lagers I should try with this bad boy! I surf this forum religiously when embarking on a new adventure or project. Thanks to everyone who contributes...
  19. lashack

    Goodbye Swamp Cooler, Hello Fermentation Chamber

    I surf this forum religiously when embarking on a new adventure or project. Thanks to everyone who contributes and I hope to help others with this post. I have been on and off brewing beer for about 5-6 years now and have been using a swamp cooler to try and control temperatures. This works for...
  20. M

    Temp Controller Overview

    It took me a couple of years of homebrewing before I started worrying about my fermentation temperatures. Up until then, whatever the temperature my basement was at, was what my beer would be at. However, I eventually wanted to control my fermentation temperatures to improve the quality of my...