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Apr 6, 2005
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Guildford UK
Hi everyone!
I'm based in the South East of England, and have recently re-started brewing after a 20 year gap! This means that I have forgotten much of what I knew, and am learning loads again or differently this time.

Started out again with a from grain receipe from the old bible of brewing books in the UK, Dave Line's fantastic 'Brewing Beers Like Those You Buy'.....

I love to fill the house with the smell of mashing and sparging!

(and yes - I am worried about my current S.G readings!) :cool:
I hope to be able to contribute to and gain support from you folks in this excellent looking forum.....

Owner, Proprietor and Sole Customer (so far) of the 'Stoughton Brewery'
John just let me know what you want me to change it to and I will make the change.
Welcome to Homebrewtalk. I brewed with Dave Lines book back in the early 90's. Since then it has become a bit dated. There are some excellent recipes in the recipe section of this forum. Cheers!

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