Need Pressure Relief O-ring For Sanke Tap

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Jul 12, 2007
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The pressure relief valve on my Sanke tap is leaking. The tiny o-ring in there is chewed up in one spot and as a result it's letting CO2 seep out. My band-aid solution has been to disassemble the valve and jam a dip tube o-ring in there with some lubrifilm to help it seal. Then I had to tighten a cable tie around the pressure relief valve plunger to compress it enough to keep a tight seal when the pressure is on.

I'd hate to cough up $30 for a new tap when this one only needs one tiny o-ring (or a new poppet valve assembly at the most) but I can't seem to find any of the internal parts available for sale anywhere. Any ideas?
THANKS! :mug: I don't know how I missed that in my searches, but the timing of your response is perfect--I was just a few minutes away from ordering a whole bunch of stuff from More Beer. :rockin:
Yeah, waiting on responses is a good thing if you want to use this forum for saving you some trouble, lol. I know how you feel though, I get real antsy about any project. I am guessing that since they sell the whole check valve it is a safety thing, and they want you to buy the relief valve. I was just happy to find them as well, I am needing to replace one in a bit. I had no idea they even came out, lol.
I am having a leak through my pressure-release valve on a Sanke tap. It appears to be a standard tap. I see that you two are discussing replacing an O-ring. My question is, How do you get that release valve off?
I just acquired a 20 year old tap and tested it for the first time.
I too have a leak in the pressure relieve valve. The more beer link is dead, and my search is at a dead end. Anyone know of a replacement? Google goes straight to this thread.
The link in post #2 isn't dead. I just clicked it and it took me right to the replacement pressure relief valve.

Edit: Oh wait, link isn't dead but there is no price for the item and that freaks me out a little bit, lol. I bet if you contact morebeer they will fill you in. Heck of nice guys at that shop.

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