Dip Tube O-rings Leaking From Gas Post Only

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Jun 20, 2020
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Hi all, I have used the same keg O-rings for 1.5 years and started to lose some pressure so I threw out all of them (the dip tube, post, and lid o-rings) and bought new ones. My issue is with the dip tube o-rings I bought. I did a pressure test in a cleaned and sanitized keg containing ~1 gallon of star san. I could hear a small leak and could see bubbling coming from under the gas post. I tried loosening and tightening it, then I switched to another new o-ring but the same problem persisted. I was able to scrounge up an old dip tube o-ring and the leak stopped when I repressurized the keg. The liquid out side and the lid both have new o-rings and there is no leak. I put a spunding valve on and the pressure has not changed over the last hour. My question, is there a difference between gas and liquid dip tube o-rings and did I accidentally buy liquid dip tube o-rings?
As an FYI, I sanitized and lubed all of the new o-rings.
Ignore this thread, I ordered some 7/64" wide o-rings, which I believe my old ones were. Will update if this solves the issue.

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