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Sep 8, 2008
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Jupiter, FL (W Palm)
Hey All,

I've used both dry yeast and smack packs, but I've never made a starter until this past weekend. I bought this starter kit from Midwest, complete with 1L Erlenmeyer and 1lb of Light DME, and used their instructions with this link as a guide.

The whole process was pretty friggin cool. :rockin: The starter itself was successful, even after a little boil over. I prepared it Friday night to use on Sunday, but I couldn't get my crap together in time, so I won't brew again until next weekend.

My problem came this morning. There was airlock activity and a nice top layer of bubbles last night, so I felt OK putting the ~70F starter in the fridge. Unfortunately, about half of the star san solution in the airlock got sucked back into the flask. Is this gonna kill the starter, or can I still pitch it in 5 days? I'm fortunate enough to have a local brewpub that's willing to donate yeast slurries to it's homebrewing patrons, so this isn't a huge issue.

Anybody have this problem before? Any solutions? How the hell do you refrigerate your starter when you need to store it? Keep in mind, the yeast was from a dry pack, and there was still a little activity when I put it away.

Thanks in advance.

The Pol

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Feb 12, 2007
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I never put airlocks on my starters... I just use a piece of tin foil over the top.

Not sure of the affects of a little Star San in there.... but Id think it would be ok.

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