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Jan 2, 2017
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Hello HBT Forum!
I have a package of dry Lutra Kveik yeast that I want to turn into more so that I can use it again.
I regularly overbuild starters to harvest yeast for further use, my question is...
If I overbuild a batch of lutra, will it stay contained in the vessel I'm using on my stir plate? I've heard lutra is a rambunctious strain and don't want to wake up to it all over everywhere.
Any help from those who have tried this is appreciated!
What size of vessel are you going to use and what size of starter? 1l starter in a 2l vessel? 2l starter in 5l vessel? 2l in a 2l?
I have made several 1.5L starters with Lutra in a 2.5L flask with no issues. It does push towards the top, but stir plate keeps it in check.
I made one recently from a frozen vial of 6ml of slurry from a previous starter and it turned into more than plenty. I think next time I’ll make a 1L starter from a vial and see how that goes. Probably still more than plenty.
Thanks for all the replies.
I’m thinking to use about half in a 5 gallon seltzer then make a 3L starter with the other half.
Will using only half be enough for both applications?
I’ve heard a lot about under pitching with kveik strains and it working very well. I haven’t tried it, but I started with a single packet of dry Lutra, built a 1.5L, 1.040 starter and pitched 2.5g yeast from the packet. From that I was able to cold crash, decant excess liquid and make 10x 6ml slurry for vials to freeze and about 200ml slurry for my next batch.

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