Looking for a Hemel & Aarde Clone recipe

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Never heard of it, so looked it up. The brewery's web page is quite the find if you are a beer geek.
The Hemel & Aarde is a RIS made with peat smoked malt.
Smoked malt beers aren't my thing, so I'm not going to get into suggesting a recipe, but all ingredients for all their beers are on their web site.
The illustration of the label shows its aged in Bowmore whiskey Barrels.
You can fake that by using barrel chips and soaking them in Bowmore whiskey, which supposedly has a somewhat smokey taste, so that's going to be crucial for a clone. My suggestion, find a recipe for a high ABV smoked porter/stout and then plug in the ingredients below, good luck!

Hemel & Aarde

Stout & Porter-ish
(Smoked Imperial Stout)
(website has stars next to these items, but they won't copy and paste)
  • Body (4 stars)
  • Bitter (3 stars)
  • Sweet (3 stars)
  • Sour (1 star)
  • Alcohol10.0
  • Plato24.0
Ingredients Water. Munich, brown, roasted,chocolate, caramel and smoked barley malts. Premiant and sladek bitter hop. Yeast (top fermenting).

DescriptionHemel & Aarde is brewed with the most heavily peated malts we could find. Not for the fainthearted. This powerful brew overwhelms you with smoke, chocolate and coffee. Flavour indication: smoke, chocolate, coffee Translates as Heaven & Earth
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"the brewery's web page is quite the find if you are a beer geek."

I couldn't find anything on their website. can you add a link or reply again with one?
Did you have a go at a Hemel & Aarde clone? Btw, the regular H&A is not barrel aged.

I want my next RIS to be similar to H&A (one of my favourite imperial stouts), and this is what I've come up with so far, with info from the H&A label and information of a Hel & Verdoemenis clone recipe ( https://translate.google.com/transl...hel-verdoemenis-kloon.html&edit-text=&act=url ):

65% Munich light
12% Brown
8% Caramunich I
5% Chocolate
5% Roasted barley
5% Peated malt
A big starter of WY1028 London Ale
Roughly 100 IBU worth of hop split in 60 min and 30 min additions (probably a Warrior and Northern Brewer since that's what I have in stock).

Will probably go for a single step mash at 68C

- The amount pf peated malt is a wild guess (and then there are different peated malts as welll).
- And I'm thinking of substituting part of the Munich by Pale Ale or Pilsner to help conversion (not sure the Munich can do that on its own).

Any thoughts?