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    Looking for Imprint Beer Co Clone recipe

    Hi all, new here! Excited to be part of this community! was hoping if someone might have some insight into a clone recipe for Imprint Beer Co famous Schmoojee series (fruited sour series). I’d love to try and create my own! ive checked some clone recipe books but only found a stout of...
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    Looking for a Hemel & Aarde Clone recipe

    Looking for a Hemel & Aarde Clone recipe
  3. Spine

    Brewing Books for Sale!

    Hello All, I need to generate some cash in order to upgrade some of my equipment so I am selling some brewing books. 1. The Home Brewers Companion - Charlie Papazian 2. New Brewing Lager Beer - Gregory J. Noonan 3. Designing Great Beers - Ray Daniels 4. Clone Brews - Tess and Mark...