Long time drinker.....new to brewing

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Feb 19, 2023
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Just wanted to say Howdy to this community!
I've been making wine for almost 30 years and have been brewing extracts for a few years now. We moved into a house (30 years ago) that had a very large blackberry patch and we picked almost 300 pounds the first year. My wife said she was going to make jams! Well- that was fine and dandy but there's only so much jam you can eat- that's when we got into wine making! I still like drinking beer too and this year I decided to step it up from extracts to BIAB and recently bought a 15 gallon kettle. I like stouts and high gravity beer the best. I still have to get more supplies before I make my first BIAB, so I landed here. I've been lurking and reading a lot here and am looking forward to sharing this journey with other enthusiast. What a great place for motivation and seasoned knowledge!

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