Has anyone found a good source for Used(read CHEAP) soda kegs?

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Dec 18, 2007
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Coopersburg PA
Has anyone found a good source for Used(read CHEAP) soda kegs.

I live near Allentown PA and would like to know where I can get them.


I (hopefully) lucked out, one of the local guys wants to sell me 8 of his, as he is brewing on a larger scale with a few other guys on something like a 10bbl system (Thanks to the Reverend JC for the hint on the keg source!)

Even after that, though I still want at least 6, maybe 8 more kegs. Total of 16 is my goal.

In other words, /subscribed!
I got some with a keg kit at Keg Connection, over all pretty good kegs, mechanically fine, clean where it matters and a few stickers on the outside, just the kegs is right under 30 bucks delivered. Picked up 2 from a guy on ebay with no phone and mis-spelled for 22 each delivered, one was firestone so slightly different top style and socket style, need a rebuild and the tops are a bit nasty, picked up a few at a home brew store in OKC for 35 bucks each that where spotless, not a sticker or anything, but of course there I was able to pick the best of the litter. The had some that were comparable to the Keg connection jobs.

Personally I do not really like scrubbing old moldy tops, and the keg connection ones are pretty much a fast just to sure wash, sanitize, check the seals and and your ready to go.

In the end it comes down to budget and value of time, for me brewing is fun, but the cleaning part sucks when for a few extra bucks I can get something that has been pre cleaned.
Thanks everyone for your suggestions.
I will look around at the sites that you have recommended and local sources.

There is someone in the vendors section here at HBT selling cornies. I think they were pretty cheap. I was tempted to get some myself, but I just can't right now.
brewersdiscount is a pretty good source as well. The old website www.brewersdiscount.com seems to have expired, but go to http://www.rcbequip.com it is the same site.

Since you're in PA, there was a guy on ebay selling kegs from Wilkes-Barre at a reasonable price (I don't remember his ID though), he was open to local pick up if you wanted to save on shipping and pick them up.
call around to local pepsi and coca cola disributors. I found them in Utah for $10 a piece .
Gotta check your local craigslist for deals. I'm not able to keg right now, but I just checked and there's a few people around here selling kegs for $15 a pop.