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Mar 1, 2024
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Hello I'm a first time mead brewer. I haven't started the process yet but I plan on ordering all of the equipment tonight. I'd like to share what recipe/process I plan on going with and I'd love some feedback in what you guys think.

I plan on using a 6.5 gallon (siphonless big mouth bubbler from Norther brewer not glass) for both my primary and secondary fermenter.

I plan on sanitizing the fermenter with sanstar no rinse, along with the airlock and Hydrometer for a few minutes.

Then after it all dries I plan on using 15lbs of wildflower honey, then mix with some water to dissolve. Then I plan on adding fermaid o (package is 12 grams should I use it all or use in multiple stages?), then I plan on adding goferm(all at beginning) (but how much should i use?)

Then I plan on dissolving 10 grams of 71b yeast in some water and adding it in the container.

Then I'd add the rest of the water (5 gallons total across all stages)
Then I'd like to add some fruit (probably about 1 gallon of fruit ) mixed between blueberries, cherries,and mango which are frozen)

Then, I'd take a Hydrometer rating, and seal the container with a 3 piece airlock. I'd gently stir the brew every other day or so to prevent fruit from modeling and keep it wry.

After 3 weeks I'd take out the fruit, and take another Hydrometer reading, (after it looks like fermenentstion stopped)

Then I'd add in fresh fruit (the same frozen kind) until the container is nearly full (since online ive heard you minimize hesdspace at thus time to prevent oxygen from messing up the flavor)

Then after a week I'd take a Hydrometer reading to see if it has changed from the previous time, then again 3 more days later. If the reading keeps changing I will keep everything as is. When the reading is the same across 3 days is then when I will transfer the mead to bottles without the fruit.

I'm planning to use 4 1-gallon glass jugs and 1 half gallon glass jug. Should I use 3 piece airlock on these glass jugs as well to insure there'd no exploding, or is that not necessary?