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  1. bellatorius

    Butterscotch Braggot Bochet (Butterbeer)

    The BBB! I've just put this fermenting and it's bubbling away like a mad thing. Calling it a Bragott is a little bit of a push as it's more of a mead with malt added for body. Anyway here it is: 5 gallon batch. Ingredients: 7.15kg honey 500g light golden DME 1.5kg Oat LME 40g chinook hops...
  2. B

    Where did I go wrong?

    I'm a first timer and followed this recipe to a t about three months ago with 3 lbs of honey. What I have now is about a gallon of liquid that looks like Mott's clear apple juice and smells like it...
  3. Tadeusz Leliwa

    Pure meas turned out weak...

    Dear elders in mead-making, Any suggestions where I went wrong? I made my first pure mead, rather than melomel or metheglin. I have used 3kg of honey (various sorts), dissolved in water to make a 5 litre solution. I have added 1g of wine nutrient and 2 Campden tablets. I had an initial gravity...
  4. M

    I have no idea what's going on, and at this point I'm too afraid to ask...

    Hello, all. Newbie here, seeking some guidance from more experienced minds. My wife bought me a copy of "How To Make Mead Like A Viking" by Jereme Zimmerman for Christmas last year, and I finally cracked it open and dove headlong into trying to make my own sweet nectar. I took 1.25 gallons of...
  5. A

    Mead - Swamp Honey - Need Some Advice

    Hello Fellow Brewers, I visited a local apiary (I live in southern Ontario, Canada) and they showed me one of their products - swamp honey. The honey is made by bees who collect honey from a local marsh/wetland/swamp, and the beekeeper told me they believe the bees largely collect nectar from...
  6. Bryan312

    Mead advice!

    Hey all long time reader first time posting, I’ve been making wine and beer for about 3 years now and spirits for about 2 and I e been a chef for 13 years. I just got a hold of 10kilos of pasturized honey for free from the restaurant and thought I would try to make mead. However I’m not sure...
  7. christian maoudis

    In need of Help for brewing bead

    Hey i am new to brewing and i came across a 5.5 gallon tank and would like some help on how much honey i would need for a sweet mead? Also if someone could brake the steps down for making mead with out boiling that would be super helpful [emoji4]
  8. K

    *Skyrim* Blackbriar Mead recipe

    Let me start with I'm new to this BUT I love mead. I also love video games and I have been looking for a solid recipe that could mimic the Blackbriar mead from skyrim. Let me also preface this with there is no actual recipe in the game or released outside of the game this is all my doing. So I...
  9. L

    What might my ABV be and other first-timer questions

    Hello, I have just started my first must going and have been reading all sorts of helpful information, but have a few questions about this adventure. I started my must on Sunday, 04/08/18, and it has been bubbling up nicely. Had to clean up and re-sanitize my airlock after a couple foam-overs...
  10. tieflyer

    cider and mead software

    Ok, I have searched and comeup pretty much empty handed. Does anyone use any brewing software to keep track of their cider and meads? I would like to use one to keep track of the recipes, and also notes etc. Anyone?
  11. SilensMort

    Adding hops to mead

    Hey all, I have been doing some small batches of mead for a long time. a gallon at a time and I am scaling up to my first five gallon batch. I think I've anticipated everything as far as equipment and all that it's my recipe that I am looking at for some help. I am doing a...
  12. M

    First Mead Log

    Fellow mead lovers, The purpose of this post is you show all you pros the process I’ve used to get my first mead started (first ferment ever actually) and just hopefully get some feedback and tips. Hope you guys enjoy reading it and can give me some advice for future batches. So I started with...