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  1. L

    First time Mead - how does it sound

    Hello I'm a first time mead brewer. I haven't started the process yet but I plan on ordering all of the equipment tonight. I'd like to share what recipe/process I plan on going with and I'd love some feedback in what you guys think. I plan on using a 6.5 gallon (siphonless big mouth bubbler...
  2. S

    First time

    Started my first ever brew today. The plan is to have a light carbonated, slightly sweet apple cider ready for Christmas. Here’s what I’m using… 1 Gal of fresh pressed 100% apple juice (pasteurised) 1 Cup sugar 1 packet Lalvin 1118 yeast 1 Tsp yeast nutrient 1/2 Tsp pectic enzyme Im going to...
  3. H

    Oops! Added too much sugar during bottling. What now?

    I just finished bottling my first ever batch of apple cider. I am using a craft-a-brew kit from Grolsch, and when I made this batch, I only used a half-gallon of raw juice, while the instructions are for a full gallon. However, I forgot this when mixing the priming sugar. The instructions said...
  4. N

    My cider stopped fermenting halfway

    Hi, i was wondering why my cider stopped (severely slowed down?) after 1 and a half weeks of fermenting. I tasted it and it wasnt strong at all, 6 percent max. Lots of sugar left aswell. I stirred it with a small spoon to get the yeast that lied on the bottom back up, put on the airlock and...
  5. A

    First Brew - Made mistake with Corn Sugar

    Hello, I just bough the norther brewer deluxe kit and went through the brew process (for my first time) with a buddy of mine. After watching the video online which the company posts as a tutorial, we became confused, as the video showed the kit coming with dry malt, but the kit did not...
  6. Candass08

    Hydrometer and specific gravity readings

    Hello all! This is my first ever attempt to homebrewing cider! I have been letting the apple juice and yeast ferment for two weeks and went to check the specific gravity with my hydrometer. From what I have read there should be at least some alcohol content by now however, it is reading zero...
  7. I

    [Q] Is this pulp or something else in my brewing cider?

    TLDR: is this normal in a brewing cider? I think it might be pulp. I did not filter a lot my crabapple puree. It seems to rise from the bottom, due to the bubbles, and slowly fall again. Hello all! First post here in the forum. Some days ago I started to make my first cider as a quarantine...
  8. BeBetterBrewing

    My first brew!

    Brewed up my first batch I have ever done. Did the American pale ale kit that comes with the more beer deluxe kit. Can’t argue against a name like that! FREEDOM. Hoping everything turns out awesome! Fermenting in the dark in the basement for the 2 weeks. Biggest step that I learned, crack a beer...
  9. K

    First brew underway

    Hello all, New to this hobby and I believe it suits me well. I am diagnosed with schizophrenia and can’t function socially, for this hobby, all I need is myself. I’d love to work for a few years and develop skills further to potentially opening a local brewery but unless I had help I wouldn’t...
  10. S

    First brew, think i cucked it up already. Help and advice appreciated

    I'm sure i am not the first, and probably won't be the last, but I decided to invest in some brewing equipment this summer to stave off the $40+ bill of buying commercial beer or the $12+ pints at the local hole. Hopefully some generous soul will take pity on me and spare a quick glance at what...
  11. A

    First Time Brewer: Skipping secondary fermentation, bottling and a few other questions

    I'm brewing my first batch of home brew, 'Hank's Hefeweizen' from Norther Brewer (extract). The instructions say 2 weeks primary, 2 weeks secondary, and 2 weeks bottle conditioning. I did not check my OG, but the kit states that it should be 1.052. I am on day 10 of fermentation. I checked the...
  12. LTBradley

    Strawberry Ginger Saison

    Greetings! I've been researching recipes and guides for a strawberry saison I'm looking to brew for a competition in 2020. I'm very much still in the planning stage right now, but I'd like some ideas about using ginger and honey with this recipe. Currently, I'm working off a recipe that I found...
  13. J

    Greetings from Maryland, USA (A very happy first brew)

    Hello! I want to thank this entire forum first and foremost, as I have referenced many threads for information during my first brew. Brew day and bottle day were both a breeze thanks to all the info available here whenever I ran to Google for help. I'm an engineering student in Uni, bit on the...
  14. M

    First Brew: Is This a SCOBY?

    Hi fellow bucha brewers, As the title states, this is my first time brewing and I'm concerned about the SCOBY that's growing in my jar. It doesn't look consistent with other pictures of growing SCOBYs and videos of SCOBY time-lapses. Should it look wrinkled like this or am I in trouble? Sorry...