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Terrance Chief

Brewsalil esq.
Oct 6, 2023
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Ober dere
I am brand spanking new to home brewing! Enjoying all the threads I'm reading here. Trying 2 different batches at the same time for my first time. I just ordered 1 kg(2.2 lbs) of raw unpasteurized honey and 2 kg(4.4 lbs) of unpasteurized wildflower honey. Planning to make an orange and blueberry mead from 3 lbs of wildflower honey with lalvin ec-1118 yeast, and making JOAM with the raw honey and remaining wildflower honey. I've heard good things about wildflower honey mixes used in JOAM. I have read a few JOAM horror stories too and they all all have one thing in common, they deviated from the recipe. Particularly changing the yeast. I have my Fleischmann's ready lol I have done some research and I expect the mead to be more like wine and the JOAM to be more sweeter, like a party drink. Instead of choosing which one to try make first, why not both? Hoping for good results, hoping for all your brews to be excellent and hoping for good times for us all! Cheers!