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  1. L

    First time Mead - how does it sound

    Hello I'm a first time mead brewer. I haven't started the process yet but I plan on ordering all of the equipment tonight. I'd like to share what recipe/process I plan on going with and I'd love some feedback in what you guys think. I plan on using a 6.5 gallon (siphonless big mouth bubbler...
  2. T

    Mead has been fermenting for almost 2 months and is only at 6% ABV

    Hello everyone! I am making mead for the first time and using a recipe I found online. The mead had an initial gravity of 1.116 when I started it in early December and now that it has been about 2 months the specific gravity has only gotten down to 1.07. It is being kept in the basement, so it...
  3. Chadjg82

    Question about adding fruit

    Hey guys. I’m pretty new to mead making. I have a traditional batch with I already stabilized and racked once. I was wondering if I missed the window to add fruit? If not, what would the process be? Would I just add the fruit to the current carboy or add fruit to a sanitized carboy and rack it...
  4. MK1 Cinnamon Orange Mead

    MK1 Cinnamon Orange Mead

    This is my first crack at brewing mead. I am a beekeeper so I used honey from my hive in the backyard. And as the name implies, I added slices of orange and two sticks of cinnamon. It tastes GREAT! I am quite happy
  5. CallMeKiupid

    To Swirl or not to Swirl that is the question...

    Hello fellow mead makers, I have been monitoring my first brew and already from the odd ways it behaves, I know it will have fusels and im sure the mead is stressed. That being said, time will fix all. Although one question does escape me. After the first 5 days, do any of you continue to...
  6. XxOblivion

    Help, Fermentation not starting.

    I'm very new to making mead. I started a batch of honey mead about a week ago and I'm not seeing any signs of fermentation. My yeast starter was active when i added to my must. Is there anything I can do to get it going again? Ingredients: 8lbs wildflower honey 4 gal apple cider 4 lg green...
  7. A

    Why sweet first sip, but second later very bitter after taste

    Hi Guys been making mead for couple years now, one of my batches I just was bottling and realized it is sweet and pleasant in first sip, but second later very bitter after taste. I wanted to know if I can save this mead to sweeter after taste? My start gravity was 1.150- final gravity 1.052 ...
  8. G

    Help me make mead please.

    I am trying to make a summer peach pie sweeter mead. I have wine yeast currently, and am planning on adding 6 lbs of honey to 2 gallons of water, 6 lbs of fresh skinned and halved peaches, 4 grams of yeast, and 2 tsp of yeast nutrient, after initial fermentation and putting into new container...
  9. Melite

    Did i ruined my mead?

    Im new to this. After 3 weeks i didnt saw any more arilock activity on my strawberry mead (for 2-3 days) so i decided to rack my mead. I did a little taste test and it just taste flat... it doesn't have a special flavor... Its like, water with a little of honey that burns a little... Any...
  10. Melite

    Mango mead - Fisrt/secundary fermentation

    I want to make some simple mango mead and i have a little question. Ok so im new on homebrewing, this is gonna be my second batch ever. I want a mango mead, i've been reading some things, and cant decide/ i dont know if it is a good idea to put a little more mango on my mead after primary...
  11. R

    Hello! New to Mead-Making

    Hi! I've recently stepped into making mead after a few years of brewing ginger beers, and would appreciate some feedback/guidance on how badly I've messed up my first mead. I made quite a few mistakes when putting it together, and am worried mainly that it may be sickly sweet at the end. I do...
  12. the_queen_bee

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  13. S

    The Meadmaker's Corner: Categorizing Your Mead

    When I started looking into making mead it seemed so very simple. Dump some honey in some water, add some yeast, ignore it for a while, and tada! Nectar of the Gods in your bottle. And sure, you can get mead that way, but as I started researching, I found a whole lot more information on the...
  14. D

    Hydromels - Making Sessionable Meads

    Making meads can get expensive, not to mention time consuming. Good quality varietal honey can be pricey and meads may not reach their prime until 7-12 months. A lot of people I see end up aiming for these high ABV (16-18%) sack meads. They throw in 4 pounds of honey per gallon and some...
  15. D

    Lambic, Sour, and Funky Mead Making - Part 2

    If you missed Part one, it can be found here So, last time we left off with a traditional Lambic mead (just honey, water, and maltodextrin). It makes a great mead, but what happens when you want to add some more character by adding fruit...
  16. D

    Lambic, Sour, and Funky Mead Making - Part 1

    I've began to compile the things I know on alternative fermentations in mead making. And by that, I mean meads infected with the likes of brettanomyces, lactobacillus, and pediococcus. I'll continue to add more parts as my findings and experiments continue. Why make lambic meads? As many are...
  17. B

    Current Mead Making Techniques

    Mead is a fermented beverage made purely from honey. It is not beer or wine. As a result, mead making follows a completely different set of rules from wine or beer making. The purpose of this article is to teach you how to make delicious mead using current techniques. In the past, mead has been...