Extra Large Deep Freezer Ready for Kegerator Conversion

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Bob Mar

Sep 16, 2020
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Large style deep freezer, deep enough for 20lb CO2 tank, 5 Gal. Soda Kegs, and Industrial Kegs to fit with their attachments.
Started as a project that never came to fruition. Debated adding a wooden collar to give it additional room but it honestly doesn't need it. Kit includes:
Deep Freezer
Temperature control unit with heating and cooling plugs
Delux Kegco Kegerator Conversion kit:
Dual regulator with an independent line for specialty beers or for carbonating
4 way manifold off of second regulator
5 CO2 lines total with soda keg ball-lock style connections (air in)
4x beer lines with soda keg ball-lock style connections (beer out)
4x stainless steel oversized shank (attached to beer lines, long enough to go through the wall of freezer or future collar)
4x stainless steel tap dispensers
4x plastic screw-on tap handles
4x plastic spacers
Large industrial scale to determine the remaining contents in kegs or CO2 tanks without having to lift them!
1x 20 lb CO2 tank
1x 5-gallon industrial style type D keg

The bottom of the freezer has rust spots from the previous owner but has not been an issue structurally or with sanitization. Was planning on repainting with appliance paint as part of the upgrade.


Available in Santa Ana, CA 92705 for PICK-UP ONLY on Saturday, September 26. If multiple offers are received the person will the best offer with cash-in-hand on Saturday morning at 10 AM will take it home.
More photos available in Google Album: Hop Curious Brewing Supplies / Inventory

See other items available, will offer discounts if purchasing multiple items!
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