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  1. J

    Mead without an airlock?

    Hi everyone, I started my first batch of Meade yesterday, I have left it in a plastic bucket with a sealed lid but no airlock. Do I need to release the CO2 if so how often and does it matter if oxygen gets into the mixture? Many thanks, Josh
  2. T

    CO2 Tank

    Hi, I am in the process of making/building a keezer and I noticed that I would have some space in front of the refrigeration panel and that triggered the wildest thought. Install the CO2 tank horizontally! However I do not know the internal guts of a CO2 tank. Would it be an issue to use it...
  3. H

    CO2 Levels in Beer: The Role it Plays

    Beer is one of those beverages that has an important trademark: it is bubbly, effervescent and bright. CO2 is imparted by beer conditioning (by adding priming sugar) or by forcing CO2 into a keg, this element has a huge impact in our favorite brew, and can give very specific characteristics just...
  4. P

    Carbon Dioxide Purity And Off Taste

    There are numerous discussions on HomeBrewTalk about off-flavors from CO2. Some are non-believers and insist that CO2 is CO2, while others claim to have experienced these off-flavors first-hand. I am primarily a soda brewer, and I'm a firm believer now that CO2 can have a significant impact on...
  5. V

    Craft The Perfect Draft Beer Gun Anyone?

    Over the years I had read plenty of mixed reviews about the Blichmann Beer Gun before actually pulling the trigger and getting one for myself. It seemed that the two most common complaints brewers posted about had to do with how beer bottled using the Blichmann Beer Gun could be under carbonated...
  6. Lucho

    CO2 generation (Not harvested from fermentation)

    Hello everyone, glad to finally become part of the forum from which I learned so much!. I have an idea on my head for some time regarding CO2 generation. You see... where I live its not that easy to get my CO2 tanks refilled every time I see fit. I was wondering over ebay and amazon and I...
  7. P

    Leaking regulator

    Hey everyone! Had a question about regulator. I hear an air leak coming out of the little hole around 10, 11 o'clock (see picture for reference, circled in red) is this CO2 leaking. I can feel it when I put my finger over it? Thanks!
  8. davielovesgravy

    Is adding priming sugar for a fizzy cider the same as for lager

    Howdy all i am just making my first cider kit and the instructions that come with it describe adding the priming sugar by batch priming, however I usually just prime each bottle when making lager, so would adding the same amount that I add when brewing lager, approx one teaspoon of brewing...
  9. J

    CO2 Leak?

    Hey all, New to the forums here. I'm two 5 gallon batches into moving to a kegging set up. Not even through the second batch I realized I'm already out of CO2. From the CO2 swap place I go to - apparently one of the canisters should last 5 or more 5 gallon batches. So, I'm trying to find the...
  10. S

    Plastic Taste From CO2/CO2 Lines?

    Hello! I've just started getting my kegging equipment together. I've got all the pieces, I've stuck the collar on my freezer and got some CO2. I drink a few litres of Sparkling water a week so I bought a carbonation cap to carb my own from now on. I carbed up the first bottle yesterday, I got...
  11. SmokeyRydr

    Cold crash suck-back volume estimate?

    is there any general guidance for the volume of gas being sucked back when cold crashing? E.g. if I have a 6.5g carboy and 5.5g of beer, and I cold crash from 68F to 35F, what volume of gas should I expect to suck-back? if this is pretty constant and predictable, I'd like to create a large...
  12. K

    Harder to get carbonation when using beergun with CO2

    Hi! Everytime I use my Beergun and give each bottle a good spray with CO2 before filling the beer, the carbonation take forever. Sometimes up to 3-4 months. I use the same amount of primer as I always do. The only differense is the lack of oxygen in the bottle. Is that the reason? Does anyone...
  13. simmus

    Hoppy Water Beverage - Doing it the pro way?

    Hello everybody. Just trying to make a shelf stable fizzy hop water for events where alcohol is frowned upon (and to save money!). Hope you guys can help! Reading a ton of blogs about how to make this, mainly these articles (not exhaustive) help give an idea about how to make this stuff at...
  14. jamorgan3777

    Strange white powder on inside and outside of CO2 lines

    Hello all! Been a long time since I posted anything. Have not really been active in the homebrew scene for a while, but getting ready to get back on the horse (or induction burner rather). While going through and reorganizing my brewery, I wanted to do an overhaul of my keezer. When I popped...
  15. N

    How low of a PSI do you need?

    Just started getting into kegging. My regulator has a range of "Order gas" at or below 500 psi. Assuming a 5 lb co2 tank and brewing a moderately carbonated ale. How low of PSI do you need be able to complete carbonation? Would there be any left to serve with?
  16. webby45wr

    Insignia 9.9

    Hi everyone, I'm leaning towards picking up an Insignia 9.9cu ft fridge to convert for a kegerator. I am pretty sure I'll be able to gete 4 kegs in there. I'd like to keep the CO2 on the outside. Does anyone have experience drilling through the side of this one? I can't find a schematic of the...
  17. midipitti

    Force Carbonating Warm

    Hey Guys, I'm new here but having some issues force carbonating. I know that CO2 holds better in cold but I don't yet have a kegerator and I read you can still carbonate warm with more pressure. I tired that and it works warm but when I bottle and put the beers in the fridge to cool them down -...
  18. Chiefer

    What is this?

    Anyone know what this contraption is?
  19. W

    Cold Crashing & CO2

    Greetings, Typically I’ll dry hop in the keg or some kind of secondary fermenter. For scheduling reasons, I tossed the pellets into the primary and planned on just cold crashing to drop them out. To do so, I typically fill a balloon with some CO2 and attach to my standard blow-off tubing. It...
  20. Z

    Maryland Keezer For Sale

    This is my homebrew keezer that I built a few years back. I am getting out of the hobby because I work for a professional brewery and don't brew at home anymore. This is the perfect setup for anyone looking to get out of bottling and in to kegging....cause bottling is the worst. Keezer: It...