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  1. W

    For Sale Complete 3 vessel turnkey HERMS Electric Brewery 15gal keggle 30 amp / 240v panel Raleigh, NC

    Selling a complete homebrew setup with fermentation chest freezer, and 3 tap kegerator. Would prefer to sell all together Located in Raleigh, NC This is a National Homebrew Competition gold medal winning system. Have made many great brews with high efficiency. Majority of hardware purchased...
  2. marlinmatt

    For Sale Kegerator setup

    All the hardware for converting you garage fridge to a two corny kegerator! Only lacking a regulator, (see my other listings for options!) Chalkboards for jotting down what's on tap, two handmade handles to replace the ugly ones on that old fridge, a drip tray with drain, extra coupler for a...
  3. marlinmatt

    Regulator 2 product

    Beverage factory 2 guage 2 product. Includes gas line and ball lock couplers (IDB) EZto adjust, has the locknut. $30.00 + 15 to ship if needed Thanks, Matt
  4. Bob Mar

    Kegerator Tower Conversion kit for mini to mid-size fridges (fridge not included)

    Purchased from Kegco, Brand New - not used! Purchased as a kit for a conversion project I was going to do for a friend. I ended up drilling through one of the cooling coils of the fridge and I never got around to finishing. NO FRIDGE INCLUDED! What is included: 1x Stainless Steel extra tall...
  5. Bob Mar

    Extra Large Deep Freezer Ready for Kegerator Conversion

    Large style deep freezer, deep enough for 20lb CO2 tank, 5 Gal. Soda Kegs, and Industrial Kegs to fit with their attachments. Started as a project that never came to fruition. Debated adding a wooden collar to give it additional room but it honestly doesn't need it. Kit includes: Deep Freezer...
  6. ivangrajales

    Building Kegerator for my New Restaurant Bar

    Hi Everyone! First of all thanks for taking your time to reply to my question. Here it goes: I’m opening in a couple of months a bar/restaurant and I will like to have a kegerator. But I will like to built it my self. Therefore, I want to know what’s the recommended size for a business and...
  7. D

    How about building a small kegerator with the stuff i got in the mail?

  8. D

    Kansas Keezer/Kegerator Materials

    All of these parts are like new. I downgraded my keg system and no longer have a need for them. With this you can turn a deep freeze or refrigerator into a Keggerator. Perfect for somebody who homebrews and wants to take the next step to kegging. I am willing to answer any questions. Bought new...
  9. P

    Kegerator Line Question

    Hi All! New to the forum, hoping some of you can share some wisdom. I am hoping to change a rather dirty draft line and I encountered an issue when taking apart the kegerator coupler. Please see the attached photos. Can anyone tell me if that cinched piece of metal is closing the tube down...
  10. B

    Set and Forget Carbonating Corny Keg and PSI loss

    I have two corny kegs of a blonde ale hooked up to a kegerator with a single CO2 regulator split to two gas lines . One I force carbonated by carbonating at 30 PSI for two days and then turning it down to 10PSI and letting sit for another 2 days before drinking. At that point I hooked up the...
  11. C

    Tower Ideas

    I'm making a trash can kegerator for a family reunion. (Something like this: My wife isn't a fan of the iron pipe/industrial look, and I'm looking for something more original than the standard stainless steel tower from the LHBS. I'm open to any ideas y'all might have. Something DIY is more...
  12. A

    North Carolina All grain, kegging, bottles, everything's gotta go (RDU area)

    I quit drinking and want to clear out some storage space and finance some new hobbies, so I'm selling off all my homebrew equipment. This is (almost) everything you need to brew, keg and bottle beer from all-grain batches as well as equipment for a kegerator. Home-brew equipment includes...
  13. hunter306

    Michigan Perlick - Counter Top SS Drip Tray w/ Drain

    Selling Brand-New, never installed Perlick Drip Tray, with easy to fit drain. Bought it and went another direction. See actual pictures. Part Number C18640A Size: 14 3/16” w by 8” Includes full dimensional installation sheet and nylon undermount washer. Price: 95 shipped.