DME as stop leak for my brewpot

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mr jones

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Jan 9, 2008
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cibolo tx
so i was heating up my new brew pot that was supposed to be 16 qt. and i put 3 gallons of water in it and it was almost to the top. then i see a rivet is leaking. so i pour some water back into the jug and mash in my grains as normal. well when i added my DME it went back over the rivet. started leaking for about 30 seconds while i was wiping it up then it stopped. i was like sweet. so i was bottling another batch while i was mashing. i got all the prep done then i started the boil and i was filling bottles then i heard the boil over. which ultimately brought the wort below the rivet again. but for those precious few minutes i was stoked i wasn't going to have to sit there and wipe the pot every few seconds.

P.S. has anyone brewed the Caramel Vanilla Cream Ale because my gravity was a lot higher than i expected 1.071 (17.75oP) i will check it again tomorrow when the ice melts fully but i don;t think its going to drop that much maybe 17P