Accidentally watered down my wort!!!

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Apr 18, 2020
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Port Charlotte, FL (SWFL)
I did back to back brews yesterday and today. I did a Cream Ale first, and while knocking out the wort into 7 gal fermenter I noticed I had way more wort that is typical for my brews. And for the life of me I couldn't figure how or why this happened. It was like I didn't have any boil off....
My OG was within a few points so I just pitched the yeast and put to bed. TODAY while chilling my Red Irish Ale wort I noticed a leak in my chiller coils, (good thing I use ice water) Anyway, while fixing the leak it donned on me that this is how my wort level increased the day before. SO...... what's everyone thoughts on this issue of introducing tap water into my wort????? Would you all do, "Just wait and see" how the final product turns out? I know there's risk of introducing bacteria into it, but I was using clean drinking water, NOT yucky pond water so I think that happening would be very slim.
I think I'll wait for FG and see how it tastes and smells. I could just end up with a "Light" cream ale with less carbs and calories!!! LOL Aaaannd GO!!!
Could be ok. 20 years ago when I started brewing using extracts there were batches I "topped off" with our untreated well water with no unkind effects...

Good point...... I forgot that when I first started extract brewing I always topped off the wort post boil in the fermenter. So, I basically did the same thing!!! I just may have watered down beer. LOL