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Dec 27, 2016
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Asikkala, Finlandia
Hey guys n gals BikerMatt reporting back for doody! Took a couple years of a hiatus from homebrewing as I went through some personal stuff like a burnout, losing all interest to any hobby, selling all my old gear so I don`t need to see them, fun stuff like that I won`t bore you any more than that. Anyhow, I have my 39th BD coming at the end of this month so suddenly had an urge to restart brewing again. I bought the Coopers DIY starter kit that I started with the first time round too that has a bucket, bottles and all the basic necessities for a first extract brew, as well as the ingredients for round #2. Last week was entertaining myself perusing over local sales ads when I suddenly spotted a 30L BrewMonk for sale the next town over. Phoned the guy, he said he got it as a 40yo present, tried it twice then buried it in the closet, so I jumped into my car and drove over to see it. From the front door I immediately saw something`s not quite right as I`m standing in front of a MONSTER of a box, paid what was asked (roughly half of the price of a new one) and went on my merry way only to stop at the first bus stop to verify my suspicions and sure enough it`s NOT a 30L but the 45L 3000W Magnus!

So needless to say this time round, as my old sig seems to say, I AM going electric! Got the second LME batch bubbling away in my ATM only fermenter, currently in the process of gathering enough bottles to hopefully get my first full grain mash going at the end of this month!