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Sep 25, 2008
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San Diego
Ok I had to get my apfelwein out of its glass carboy. I am moving and did not want to deal with a possible break. I dont quite have my c02 system up so I eliminated as much head space as possible. I filled it to the brim and capped. What possible problems can I expect from filling the corny up this high. Will I have any problems pressurizing the keg.
I wouldn't add co2 to a keg that was over the end of the dip tube. You'd risk the fluid leaking back into your regulator and ruining it.

You can store the cider in the keg, and then when you're ready to carb up, just siphon out enough to get below the gas in tube.
To add to Yoop's excellent (as usual) advice:

Be sure to add check valves to your system, that way you don't have to worry about backflow!

The extra you can easily bottle (as you usually would) by adjusting the priming sugar accordingly.