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Mar 27, 2015
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San Francisco
BIG price drop. Looking to move this quickly!

Selling a complete all-grain electric brew-in-a-bag system, along with a ton of extras (including an entire extra gas-fired system!). Asking a pittance ($399 OBO). Strong preference to sell EVERYTHING at once.

Sadly selling because I've run out of time for brewing :(



What's included:

- High gravity 240v electric BIAB system (vessel, upgraded stainless steel quick disconnects, tubing, chugger pump, controller, temp prob, plate chiller w/ upgraded in-line thermometer) (retails at $999 on its own)
- Extra kettles
- Insulated mash tun
- Extra copper coil immersion wort chillers
- Floating thermometers
- 4 carboys
- Racking equipment, autosiphon, tubing, extra racking canes, hydrometers
- Three corny kegs
- CO2 canister
- CO2 regulator
- A bunch of bottles (will updated after I count them, but probably around 50 bottles)
- Bottle tree
- Brewing salts, gypsum, whirfloc tabs, etc.
- Vivosun 6 inch 440 CFM in-line duct fan
- Plastic storage boxes filled with a bunch of other brewing goodies
- Fermentation fridge (already claimed)

Everything has been in storage for about a year, but last time I used the system, everything was in perfect working order.

Local pick-up or dropoff in SF Bay Area. Venmo, Paypal or Cash.